Facing a fork in the road? Learn “The Earth Diet” way

August 5, 2015

Are you healthy and disease-free?

Have you reached the fork in the road with your weight and health?

The Earth DietLiana Werner-Gray, author of a new book called The Earth Diet – Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients can show you which fork (physically and metaphorically) to use for eating your way to healthier living.

Werner-Gray knows what she’s talking about.

At 21 years old, Werner-Gray faced her fork in the road after confronting a precancerous tumor in her throat the size of a golf ball. She faced this health issue head-on by eliminating many non-nutritionally valued processed and junk foods in favor of foods that are plant-based and natural.

The Earth Diet provides many resources on nutritional healing, watching films, learning about the food industry and recommended websites and organizations to help you through your lifestyle change.

A few things you will learn through The Earth Diet are:

– How to add more raw food to your diet
– Foods lowest in pesticides
– Many top nutrient-dense vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.
– Exposing the hazards of genetically modified foods
– How body care products are filled with chemicals
– How to grow your own produce
– Recipes, recipes, recipes for foods, juicing, detoxing, etc.

And there’s more:

– Fabulous natural/organic recipes (her smoothies are my favorite)
– Body care products made with natural ingredients
– Hair moisturizer treatments
– Antioxidant recipes
– Digestive healthful foods
– Foods high in protein
– Immune boosting foods

Find out what The Earth Diet recommends as a naturally cleanest sweet sourced foods that can provide our bodies with the most nutrients.

Take the right fork in the road and learn how to consume the natural and plant-based products for the way Werner-Gray refers to as her goal to help you get “nutrition in, toxins out.”

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