Spiritual Pilgrimage – Following God’s path

July 11, 2015

“And the priest said to them, “Go in peace. May the presence of the Lord be with you on your way.
            Judges 18:6 – NKJV

Lourdes grotto miracle picIn May 2015, our church sponsored a Diamond Jubilee Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Avignon, Carcassonne, Nice, Assisi, Florence and Rome. My husband and I couldn’t resist the opportunity presented to us to join our fellow parishioners on this spiritual pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Being a part of the Papal Audience was by far the most spectacular event!

We sat in the front row so close to Pope Francis that we could have reached out to touch him. His close proximity to me was enough to make my heart skip a beat.

CandlesThe two collages that follow are a few highlights from our trip.

The video at the end, created by my talented husband, is made from pictures he took during the trip and some that we had taken on an earlier trip to Rome.

There is music used with the video, however, due to copyright restrictions, you won’t hear it.

I wanted you to imagine how this video came to life by using the following outstanding musical artists:

How great thou art/Steel & Wood played by Amy Grant and Vince Gill
Pachelbel’s Canon D/The Ultimate Canon by Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra
Time to say goodbye/Romanza by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman


2015 Pilgrimage Collage

2015 Pilgrimage Collage 2

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Against all odds

June 17, 2015

“Life Lesson 47: You may not know what tomorrow holds, but you know who holds tomorrow — God.”

          ~ Tobe Momah

Healing LivesTobe Momah, author of eight books including his newest book, Healing lives – True stories of Encouragement and Achievement in the Midst of Sickness, is also a physician and preacher in Louisiana.

Momah’s book, Healing Lives contains 100 unique stories grouped into the following categories:

– Part l – Personal
– Part ll – Places and Persons
– Part lll – Patients
– Part IV – Personnel
– Part V – Pastors
– Part VI – Parishioners

Each personal story opens with scripture and ends with a Life Lesson and quote. There are 100 stories with 100 Life Lessons.

I found the Life Lessons most meaningful and the meatiest part of this book.

Most of Momah’s stories are very short, simple perspectives of healing, although void of facts from witnesses or testimonies other than his own and the individual patient, personnel, pastor or parishioner, etc.

Why did Momah write this book? He says, “God emphasized that I should publish eyewitness accounts of healings I personally witnessed or verified;” and, based on his criterion, were considered miracles.

I found the book slow and predictable in the beginning. Once I reached Part IV – Personnel, the stories became a bit more spiritually exciting.

Who’s to say whether Momah’s healing beliefs are true, against all odds with help from God?

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Manifesting Christ in our lives – How to activate your own gifts of grace

May 9, 2015

What do you think about a daughter of a Protestant minister converting to Catholicism and, for over forty years, not recognizing the important part Mary (mother of Jesus) and Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) played in the life of Jesus?

Denise Bossert, author of Gifts of the Visitation, Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth is that former Protestant daughter. Gifts of the Visitation

In this engaging book, Bossert wants us to imagine what life was like during Mary’s Annunciation and the elderly Elizabeth’s blessed pregnancy that inspired her to align nine gifts she believes we can model.

Gifts of the Visitation is also a book about Bossert’s journey to Catholicism and how we, too, can activate the nine gifts of the blessed connection to Mary’s and Elizabeth’s life of grace on our own spiritual journey.

Bossert’s Illuminating insights and personal lessons learned during her conversion and connection to these women is refreshing.

Reading, reflecting, responding and praying are other elements Bossert delivers after each chapter that allows us to learn how to manifest our own golden treasure chest of spirit.

Join Bossert on her journey to will, want and be open to receiving and activating our own gifts of grace.

FTC Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Ave Maria Press for review purposes. Moment to Moment, Inc. is a professional review site that receives commission from the companies whose products we review only if the product is purchased. We review each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

My great Alaska adventure – Day two through four

May 22, 2014

I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe that I’m so excited about traveling in this monstrous RV that I’m getting up every morning about 6:00 a.m.

Camper Home Yellowstone 2

Since I’m not able to get WiFi access at all campsites, I’m going to combine my experience and share with you as much of my adventure in pictures.

While driving through South Dakota I couldn’t help but feel the charm in an original 1880 South Dakota town preserved in all its splendor near the Badlands in South Dakota. This town made my heart skip a beat!

South Dakota 1880 Town 2

Another landscape that littered the roadway with billboards for miles touting their wares was Wall Drug Store pictured below.

This famous drug store started in 1931.

The Hustead family made it a famous roadside attraction by originally offering water and ice to anyone who would stop while driving through their town of Wall, South Dakota. After all, Momma Hustead believed that travelers needed water during their hot prairie travels, not to mention Mount Rushmore was to be completed between 1934 and 1939.

Today this drugstore is an icon seen on NBC and written about in many magazines.

Wall Drug 1 (2)

Wall Drug Chapel 2

Wall Drug Chapel 5

Next up was our visit to Mount Rushmore.

I heard many visitors proclaim that this place just wasn’t the same as it was 40 years ago during their first visit.

This stone sculptured park was a stunning site honoring the likes of President’s Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln all because one man felt it was his civic duty to create this spectacular display of power.

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore 8

MnI 3 Mt Rushmore

Day three was a historic day for me since I had always dreamed of visiting Yellowstone.

I’d watch shows on the History and Discovery Channel imagining that I’d one day have an opportunity to stand before Old Faithful and stare in awe at her predictable gushing billows of steam. My time had come!


Old Faithful 20

Old Faithful 5

More exciting to learn was that there are several more geysers throughout Yellowstone that spew their steam continuously. Here is one of my favorites.

Day 4 46

Day 4 45

Another favorite (pictured below) is the Blue Star geyser.

Old Faithful Blue Star 4

One of the most amazing sight for me was all the buffalo that roam through the park at will. You have to be careful driving because many of them enter the roadway (which happened to us) and expect you to move for them. They are God’s beautiful stellar creatures and the largest land animal in North America.

Day 4 38

Day 4 33

We had lunch at Inspiration Point after viewing the wondrous Upper and Lower falls of Yellowstone, which took my breath away.

Day 4 91 Inspiration Pt

Day 4 71

More to come for day five and six as I continue to pinch myself at my great fortune. I am blessed!

As always, I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!



















Lessons in every moment – “I Can See Clearly Now”

March 19, 2014

I Can See Clearly Now





1940 – 2015


Wayne Dyer has helped millions of people improve their lives by recognizing and acknowledging lessons in every moment, and he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Just like me, you probably thought Dyer is attached to some famous celebrity, or he was born into an enviable, generational pedigree to get where he is — not!

Don’t let his current fame and fortune fool you. By reading his new book, I Can See Clearly Now, you will learn how many obstacles Dyer confronted to get to where he is today. Who knew? I didn’t!

Dyer has earned all the accolades, kudos, acknowledgments and honors bestowed upon him as he faced grueling choices between right and wrong. He stood by his truth without letting his peers and authority figures influence him otherwise.

In I Can See Clearly Now, he reminds readers to never take lightly any book that shows up in your life, especially if it immediately piques your interest – there’s something there for you to learn.

That’s what happened when I was given the opportunity by Hay House to review this special book. I contemplated a lot about a few poor choices I made during my own journey growing up.

For me, this book is a reflective skeletal template for examining my own self-actualization.

Dyer also shared personal challenges during historical moments, an all-knowing presence of seeing the big picture, and always clinging to his truth with his eyes wide opened.

In the book he provides sage advice with more detailed reflection as he speaks about:

  1. No limit thinking.
  2. Having a mind of your own.
  3. Ingrained habits that need work on a subconscious level.
  4. Don’t let anyone take away what you feel to be your truth.
  5. When you have a choice to be right or kind, always pick kind.
  6. Change self-defeating attitudes and seek your own innate greatness.
  7. Live from a new perspective.
  8. Notice what shows up in your life.
I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

These are just a few powerful prescriptions for success you will encounter as you reflect on your own journey through the past by reading his very personal account of his own.

Dyer’s book, I Can See Clearly Now, reminds me of something I’ve studied through A Course in Miracles (ACIM) that states:

“… Once you accept His plan as the one function that you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you without your effort. He will go before you making straight your path, and leaving in your way no stones to trip on and no obstacles to bar your way. Nothing you need will be denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away before you reach it. …”

These ACIM words kept ringing in my ear as I realized Dyer’s “fork in the road” life choices (although challenging) were truly led by Divine Providence.

I dare you to experience and reflect on your own lessons learned during every moment of every challenging situation in your own life as you read, chapter by chapter, the remarkable story of a man who loves everyone and only wants the best for you.

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. )

More manifesting in 2014 – My gift to you

January 4, 2014

MP900440954Below I’ve reposted my New Year’s blog post from 2013.

Because I was so successful in manifesting using this technique, I felt I had to repeat it again this year.

Out of the ten manifestations I created, all but one of them came true.

Read on.  Try it, you’ll like it – it works!

How to manifest with a sacred journal

It’s that time again – time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  This year is going to be different.


Because I’m giving you a gift that keeps on manifesting throughout the year!

In the past, my new year’s resolution was something I made up in my head.  It was usually only one resolution and it was almost always targeting some type of bad habit.

Not this year!  As they say, “been there done that;” or as Dr. Phil says, “how’s that working for ya!”  “NOT!”

Instead, I’m going to offer you a process to create your own 2014 sacred journal to manifest what you want in your life – something for your eyes only.

My 2013 Journal

My 2014 Journal

Step 1. How to manifest your desires

Purchase a journal, any type of journal.

At the same time, get yourself some pens, colored pencils and markers.

You are now going to become an artist; maybe not a famous artist, but I know we all have that childhood talent to draw and color.

Step 2. Create solid affirmations

Now that you have your journal, sit down and create positive affirmations … things that you want in your life for 2014.

Some affirmation examples might be:
–  I create financial deals and partnerships.
–  I increase my wealth with the help of others.
–  I create new loving relationships.

After you create your own personal affirmations, visualize what type of cartoon drawing might go with the affirmation.

dangling puppetFor instance, “I increase my wealth with the help of others.”  You might draw several stick people handing you money.

You, a stick person also, have a smile on your face and your hands are reaching out to these beautiful people.

Add a little color to your drawings. What colors make you happy?

Make your stick people purple, red or blue.  Make your money bright green.  Nobody else is going to see this but you.

Create as many affirmations as you want with a corresponding drawing as you see it manifesting.

Here’s another example of an affirmation:  “I buy a new red car.”  My drawing might be a cute caricature of a red mini cooper. I love mini coopers!

Step 3. Bless your journal and tuck it away

In 2013, I then blessed my sacred journal and tucked it away safely.

Wow! When I finally reviewed my 2013 journal in December, I couldn’t believe that I had actually manifested nearly everything.  The results knocked me off my feet!

Another way to give more power to your manifesting

During the year, I checked in with my journal and used a little “pillow power” placing it under my pillow for a few nights.  While I slept I reminded myself what I wanted to manifest to accelerate my manifestations.

Why do I call it a sacred journal?

I call this a sacred journal for manifesting because God wants me to have a wonderful life.

When I am asking God for anything, I do it because He wants me to have anything I want so long as it’s for my highest and best.

I’m actually using the same 2013 journal and adding pages for 2014.  Like 2013, it already contains the blessed quote for the new year by Martin Luther King:

Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man His Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.

I also kept certain Psalms or other bible verses that support particular affirmations I created.  One example is Ecclesiastes 5:19:

Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil – this is the gift of God.

I don’t get too selfish and focus on material things only.  Material things don’t always support the transformation I’m seeking.

However, after saying that, I have to add that when I sought transformation of my mind, body and soul, oftentimes the material things I had always wished for, came out of the blue.

In closing

Begin to manifest your best 2014.  Color your world with love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, beauty, wisdom and grace.  When you do this, all things will be drawn to you.

Happy New Year!  I continue to send you my love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

It’s Always the Ego – A Jolt of Perfect Love

December 4, 2013

“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a writer and politician born in Germany in the mid 1700s, knew then what is still relevant today – projection makes perception.

Gary Renard, author of Love Has Forgotten No OneLove Has Forgotten No One – The Answer to Life says so too.

I just finished this book about how our ego is like a smoke screen and complicates our lives making us believe we are separate from each other. I walked away from it with a jolt of perfect love.

Renard has also authored several other books, The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.

Love Has Forgotten No One contains Renard’s mystical experiences with two ascended masters who channel an ongoing, lighthearted, conversation of Renard’s evolution through his current, and past, life experiences.

Many of the concepts unfamiliar to those who have neither experienced A Course in Miracles (ACIM), nor read any of Renard’s other books, might find this loving book’s concepts a bit foreign.

Had I not been in the midst of taking ACIM, I may not have recognized how to go about creating perfect love with everyone. I wouldn’t have understood the true depth and life-changing nature of Gary’s complementary messages with ACIM.

Heart San FranciscoA key message from the book:

Our ego makes the whole thing up.  What we see and believe about life is an illusion. Stop perceiving our world and our reality from our ego. Perceive life as God intended it as perfect, whole and loving human beings, from one to another.

As Gary says, “The ego denies the truth, the Holy Spirit denies the ego, the choice for holiness is mine.”

Now let’s get crackin’ to undo our ego. I want another big jolt of this perfect love, how about you?

I send you my love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I am also an affiliate for Amazon.)

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