“Changing ourselves is about being conscious of our emotions.” ~ C. Waugh

Are you living lightly, happily, merrily, deeply and lovingly? Don’t know how to achieve this state of freedom?

I am an ambassador of well-being for my body, mind and spirit.

I enjoy exploring and experiencing unique techniques to well-being, especially from well-known healthy living authors.

I am an avid reader and I share my view on books that I review that move me to a new state of well-being.

Thank you for helping me on my journey by reading my blog of tips and techniques.

A shout out to Wendy Speigner who created this beautiful customized video that says it all.

Listening to this every morning will help soften your heart and  jump-start your day.

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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