Eternal love – Make peace with the deceased

“You can allow the mystery to unfold by not believing everything you’ve been told.”

~ Love Never Dies

Is it time to believe what author, advice columnist, relationship and media therapist known as “Dr. Love” says in her groundbreaking book Love Never Dies – How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased?

Love Never DiesDr. Jamie Turndorf’s (a.k.a. Dr Love) new book is going to rattle some people glued to official church teachings, mainstream religious naysayers and those who question the ability to stay connected with the deceased? Can there be a veiled life after life?

Turndorf’s patients’ personal stories show that there are many, many other people, religious and non-religious, that experience the same thing — that you can directly connect with a spirit presence from your deceased loved ones.

As Turndorf says, “We don’t have to say au revoir to anyone dearly departed,” and, we can still heal our previously strained relationships with someone who has passed.

I dream about my deceased parents, grandmother and in-laws, usually during times of personal turmoil. I awake with a feeling of joy. I get a whiff of my father’s breath every now and then.

I associate birds with my mother’s passing as they showed up everywhere, lined up on my deck, and still perch on my windowsill since the day she died. I know my loved ones, long gone, are still with me in spirit.

But does this mean they are hanging around me each and every moment, or every time I want to communicate with them? The jury is still out there for me, but it’s gaining momentum. I’ll have to try some of Dr. Turndorf’s methods to see what happens.

In this highly engaging book, Turndorf leads you through her grief-therapy by helping you discover several types of meditation to reconnect; knowing how to recognize the deceased through uncharacteristic interactions with animals and through nature; recognizing smells from those you’ve lost; and, tapping into messages from other people using language your deceased loved one used. There’s more!

This book is truly an eternal love story between Turndorf and the love of her life. In her outreach to help others, it’s bringing great comfort to those with unfinished business who have difficulty coming to terms with those who have passed.

Some of Turndorf’s experiences may be a stretch for some, but I urge you to expand your research, get out-of-the-box and see if you too can make peace with the deceased.

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.)


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