We Are Not Called to Convince Anyone of the Way that We Have Chosen

Beautifully and lovingly stated!


“This is why it has long been stated that you are not called to evangelize or convince anyone of the merits of this course of study. This is just a course of study. Those whom you would seek to evangelize or convince are as holy as your Self. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.19)”

1 – Freeing Concept

Not feeling led to evangelize is a very freeing concept. We rest in our faith. We don’t bend the ear of anybody else who is not drawn to the readings to which we are drawn.

2 – Not to Proselytize

I have never been interested in proselytizing. My mother’s family actually, in their church denomination, discouraged this, and so the assertion by Jesus in this quotation is very reassuring me. Maybe I have had it right all along.

3 – Sharing

There is a difference…

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