Celebrate what’s right with the world – One celebration at a time

How easy it is to celebrate a birthday, a marriage, a holiday.

DSCN1671How hard it is to hold that same perspective in our daily lives.

Everyday we are inundated with messages that tell us what’s wrong with our world. It’s not surprising that we lose sight of all the things that are right with it; of all that is truly worth celebrating.

As a photographer, Dewitt Jones has a choice of what lens he puts on his camera; a choice of how he’s going to view the world. He chooses to celebrate.

Why? Because it imbues him with gratitude, because it allows him to see the best in people and situations, because it fills him with energy.

Jones’ website is for those who choose celebration. A gathering place where all can come to share, to learn, to recharge, to take action. To change the world – one celebration at a time.

Check out Dewitt’s grateful spirit and find ways to celebrate your life moment to moment.

As always, I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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