My great Alaska adventure – Day two through four

I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe that I’m so excited about traveling in this monstrous RV that I’m getting up every morning about 6:00 a.m.

Camper Home Yellowstone 2

Since I’m not able to get WiFi access at all campsites, I’m going to combine my experience and share with you as much of my adventure in pictures.

While driving through South Dakota I couldn’t help but feel the charm in an original 1880 South Dakota town preserved in all its splendor near the Badlands in South Dakota. This town made my heart skip a beat!

South Dakota 1880 Town 2

Another landscape that littered the roadway with billboards for miles touting their wares was Wall Drug Store pictured below.

This famous drug store started in 1931.

The Hustead family made it a famous roadside attraction by originally offering water and ice to anyone who would stop while driving through their town of Wall, South Dakota. After all, Momma Hustead believed that travelers needed water during their hot prairie travels, not to mention Mount Rushmore was to be completed between 1934 and 1939.

Today this drugstore is an icon seen on NBC and written about in many magazines.

Wall Drug 1 (2)

Wall Drug Chapel 2

Wall Drug Chapel 5

Next up was our visit to Mount Rushmore.

I heard many visitors proclaim that this place just wasn’t the same as it was 40 years ago during their first visit.

This stone sculptured park was a stunning site honoring the likes of President’s Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln all because one man felt it was his civic duty to create this spectacular display of power.

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore 8

MnI 3 Mt Rushmore

Day three was a historic day for me since I had always dreamed of visiting Yellowstone.

I’d watch shows on the History and Discovery Channel imagining that I’d one day have an opportunity to stand before Old Faithful and stare in awe at her predictable gushing billows of steam. My time had come!


Old Faithful 20

Old Faithful 5

More exciting to learn was that there are several more geysers throughout Yellowstone that spew their steam continuously. Here is one of my favorites.

Day 4 46

Day 4 45

Another favorite (pictured below) is the Blue Star geyser.

Old Faithful Blue Star 4

One of the most amazing sight for me was all the buffalo that roam through the park at will. You have to be careful driving because many of them enter the roadway (which happened to us) and expect you to move for them. They are God’s beautiful stellar creatures and the largest land animal in North America.

Day 4 38

Day 4 33

We had lunch at Inspiration Point after viewing the wondrous Upper and Lower falls of Yellowstone, which took my breath away.

Day 4 91 Inspiration Pt

Day 4 71

More to come for day five and six as I continue to pinch myself at my great fortune. I am blessed!

As always, I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!




















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