Just sing, sing a song – there’s a silver lining in every cloud

♫  Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear; just sing, sing a song ♫
The Carpenters

♫  La la la la la; la la la la la la … ♫  so goes the song.

Maybe you remember it and maybe you don’t — I do. I can see myself running around the house as a teenager singing,

“… sing for you and for me
sing, sing a song
make it simple to last your whole life long ….” 

For The Sender Love is Not a FeelingI can thank Alex Woodard for bringing that wonderful memory back to me.

His new book, For the Sender – Love Is (Not a Feeling) – Four Letters, Twelve Songs, One Story, wouldn’t let me sleep as “Sing a Song” replayed in my head.

Through his entire book, Woodard shares stories about songs he’s written that are other people’s stories, or so he thought.

Seemingly, Woodard finds songs in every letter he receives from friends suffering through challenging life situations– death, rebirth, pain, anger– and turns them into beautiful healing songs of love for you, for me and especially for him.

Learn about Woodard’s loyal, loving dog that gave him life through death.

Hear the different stories in the songs that inspired Woodard as you listen to the real music he created and provided with this book.

He says, “… like that letter still tucked away … it was more for the sender.”

Woodward challenges everyone who reads his book to share their own letters to be considered for a song by him and For the Sender.

So here’s my letter to you Alex Woodard and thank you for opening my heart again to healing. May the blessings be.

Dear Alex,

I frantically sift through the torn and crumpled pages of my own writings piled high in every folder scattered throughout my office. My story, it’s there. I had forgotten about it until your book opened my eyes again. 

A few years ago, I drove into a new life, not without looking through my rear-view mirror. It all started when I realized I had become restless in a city where I spent nearly 30 years letting clouds get in my way.

I was young when I moved from a small town to a sprawling business center in a big city. I had illusions of fairy tales coming true for me. I was ready to tackle anything, and I excited in all the new adventures placed before me.

A brutal reality, and my naiveté, set in as harsher and grander plans took shape in uniquely challenging ways. 

All that happened to me– good and bad– were for reasons unknown to me, until now. Those experiences were meant to teach me many lessons and to move me to a parting of the clouds.

In hindsight, I survived the  successes and failures that swirled around me like a tornado ripping Sun and Wispy Clouds Over Mountainsthrough one challenge after another, unaware that I was creating the storm.

As I remember my walk through the eye of the storm, I bless my experiences as I forgive myself.

I am thankful for all my life lessons and for learning to see them as gifts from above. Now I pray that all my scars be healed and my tears wiped away.

Thank you, too, Alex for reminding me to always look at the silver lining in the clouds.

Yours truly and gratefully,

I send you all love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. )


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