Redhawk Ranch – Native American moments

I try to find solitude every chance I get to reenergize myself. Most of the time I find just the right place at the wrong time – except for last week.

I enter this space w_confidenceThere was no match to any place that I find solitude in — my home, enjoying a nature hike or meditating by a stream — like I experienced when I visited the 18 acre Redhawk Ranch in Wimauma, Florida.

This sacred property is a few miles from my home and is a piece of heaven.

Dedicated to preserving the Native American way, Bud and Brenda Hoshaw own this beautiful piece of property. Brenda is from Cherokee and Cheyenne descent while Bud is Menominee.

As we entered the property a sign greeted us that said, “I enter this space with confidence knowing that spirit lights my way.” It was at that moment I had to take a deep breath as I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

I had no idea what I was about to experience as we drove up the long driveway filled with shrubs and mighty magnificent oak trees.

Brenda took me on a tour to see, feel, smell and touch the magic contained within these grounds.

All I could do was cry. They weren’t just any tears, they were tears of joy at the loving energy that embodied me.

Brenda shared a story about how her Native American spirit guides channeled poems through her. Often she would have to stop what she was doing, grab a pencil, sit down and write every word of the messages they shared.

Her store, The Native Way, contains these poems in a huge binder that was calling my name. I spent an hour with the binder reading her solemn words of love.

Coopers Hawk Florida BESTTwo days before my visit, a beautiful beige colored hawk landed outside my kitchen window while I was eating breakfast. He landed, turned his head, looked me straight in the eyes, caught his prey and flew away.

Brenda said that hawks are messengers and that I should pay attention because a message was coming to me.

At that moment, little did Brenda and I realize that the message to me was from her. I’m sharing the poem that wouldn’t allow me to turn any more pages until I got the message.

Brenda has allowed me to share this message with you.

In Every Moment

A minute goes by
and then a day.
We never know why,
it just happens that way.

The air that we breathe,
goes in and then out.
Someday we must leave
of this there’s no doubt.

Take care in this life
to know who you are.
The day-to-day strife
can lead you too far.

The walk you are taking
is with guides by your side.
The decisions you’re making
they will accept and abide.

And they are there – in every moment.

And then I cried!

As I write this, outside my window chirps the sound of love. Could there be any doubt that God is calling my name with messages from above?

Thank you Brenda for touching my heart and soul. I know every moment is a journey to behold.

Read more about Redhawk Ranch by clicking HERE.

I send you all love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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