More manifesting in 2014 – My gift to you

MP900440954Below I’ve reposted my New Year’s blog post from 2013.

Because I was so successful in manifesting using this technique, I felt I had to repeat it again this year.

Out of the ten manifestations I created, all but one of them came true.

Read on.  Try it, you’ll like it – it works!

How to manifest with a sacred journal

It’s that time again – time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  This year is going to be different.


Because I’m giving you a gift that keeps on manifesting throughout the year!

In the past, my new year’s resolution was something I made up in my head.  It was usually only one resolution and it was almost always targeting some type of bad habit.

Not this year!  As they say, “been there done that;” or as Dr. Phil says, “how’s that working for ya!”  “NOT!”

Instead, I’m going to offer you a process to create your own 2014 sacred journal to manifest what you want in your life – something for your eyes only.

My 2013 Journal

My 2014 Journal

Step 1. How to manifest your desires

Purchase a journal, any type of journal.

At the same time, get yourself some pens, colored pencils and markers.

You are now going to become an artist; maybe not a famous artist, but I know we all have that childhood talent to draw and color.

Step 2. Create solid affirmations

Now that you have your journal, sit down and create positive affirmations … things that you want in your life for 2014.

Some affirmation examples might be:
–  I create financial deals and partnerships.
–  I increase my wealth with the help of others.
–  I create new loving relationships.

After you create your own personal affirmations, visualize what type of cartoon drawing might go with the affirmation.

dangling puppetFor instance, “I increase my wealth with the help of others.”  You might draw several stick people handing you money.

You, a stick person also, have a smile on your face and your hands are reaching out to these beautiful people.

Add a little color to your drawings. What colors make you happy?

Make your stick people purple, red or blue.  Make your money bright green.  Nobody else is going to see this but you.

Create as many affirmations as you want with a corresponding drawing as you see it manifesting.

Here’s another example of an affirmation:  “I buy a new red car.”  My drawing might be a cute caricature of a red mini cooper. I love mini coopers!

Step 3. Bless your journal and tuck it away

In 2013, I then blessed my sacred journal and tucked it away safely.

Wow! When I finally reviewed my 2013 journal in December, I couldn’t believe that I had actually manifested nearly everything.  The results knocked me off my feet!

Another way to give more power to your manifesting

During the year, I checked in with my journal and used a little “pillow power” placing it under my pillow for a few nights.  While I slept I reminded myself what I wanted to manifest to accelerate my manifestations.

Why do I call it a sacred journal?

I call this a sacred journal for manifesting because God wants me to have a wonderful life.

When I am asking God for anything, I do it because He wants me to have anything I want so long as it’s for my highest and best.

I’m actually using the same 2013 journal and adding pages for 2014.  Like 2013, it already contains the blessed quote for the new year by Martin Luther King:

Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man His Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.

I also kept certain Psalms or other bible verses that support particular affirmations I created.  One example is Ecclesiastes 5:19:

Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil – this is the gift of God.

I don’t get too selfish and focus on material things only.  Material things don’t always support the transformation I’m seeking.

However, after saying that, I have to add that when I sought transformation of my mind, body and soul, oftentimes the material things I had always wished for, came out of the blue.

In closing

Begin to manifest your best 2014.  Color your world with love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, beauty, wisdom and grace.  When you do this, all things will be drawn to you.

Happy New Year!  I continue to send you my love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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