Rewire Your Mind – Thoughts ARE a Powerful Force

Our thoughts are an amazing, powerful life force.

Being the ambassador that I am to body, mind and spirit wellness, you all know that I believe we create our reality from our thoughts, moment-to-moment.

CBS News recently broadcast a story about an amputee who was given a new prosthetic that is “controlled by the users mind.” Here are bits and pieces of the broadcast:

” … When a person thinks about moving, a signal is sent from the brain down through the spinal cord. These impulses control the muscles. After an amputation, the muscles are no longer there but the nerves are … We’ve rewired him,” said Levi Hargrove, a research scientist who helped engineer the device with a team at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago … So you just think about moving along, the device pushes you along, pushes you up stairs, helps control you when you walk down stairs and it does everything in a seamless matter,” Hargrove said.”

Now, go back and reread that again.  Powerful, huh?

Let’s apply this same scenarioPrint to our lives.  Most of us are always in a stinkin’ thinkin’, negative chattering of “poor, poor pitiful me.”  Let’s create our own new(s) story:

“… When I think about something, a signal is sent from my brain down through my spinal cord. These thought impulses talk to all the molecules, cells and DNA in my body. I can rewire myself by just thinking, moment-to-moment, about more positive, holistic, healthful, wholesome, happy, loving thoughts and my life becomes a seamless matter.”

I’m not a doctor or psychologist, but this seems pretty simple to me.  How about you?

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


2 Responses to Rewire Your Mind – Thoughts ARE a Powerful Force

  1. I think we underestimate sometimes how powerful our thoughts can be. Thinking positive throughout the day can transform our attitude and the day itself! Great post, thank you for sharing!

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