TV Worth Watching … Duck Dynasty Devotional Dynamics & Other Choices

I’ve almost given up hope on television — especially reality shows that foster back-biting or slam-dunking one person over another in front of millions of viewers.

Many people, like me, have no other choice but to turn off television or watch HGTV, Food Network, PBS, sports (which I love), or various spiritual channels found on satellite or cable television that foster wholesome TV worth watching.

??????????????????A new show about millionaire rednecks called Duck Dynasty is making a huge buzz with a uniquely Christian slant not found in other reality shows.

The employees of Duck Commander are led weekly in voluntary devotion time about a message of God’s love by new family member, Alan Robertson.

Not only has Alan publicly broadcast this voluntary devotional time for employees, the Robertson’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, has vowed to quit if they were asked to remove God from the show.

Do they do a little sarcastic sparring – yes, but in a funny, loving and caring way.  I guess its time for me to start watching this new reality show to see if things are a-changing!

If you’re still dissatisfied with the quality of shows on TV, I have another great option for you.

To replace all that bad news, reality show smack-downs, or violent movies on television and at theaters, try a membership to Spiritual Cinema Circle

MC900431573This great option provides four monthly pre-selected movies (that you keep) for a nominal monthly fee — far below the cost of buying four individual DVD movies at most stores.

If you join right now, you also get Gaiam TV’s unlimited access to interviews, documentaries and inspiring innovators on everything from yoga, wellness to spiritual alternative knowledge.

Check out the trailer below for movies coming in September 2013 on Spiritual Cinema Circle.

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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