A Healing Moment – A Well of Inspiration in Meditation

I’m on a crusade to consistently meditate to bring in more inspiration, creativity and peace of mind.  This practice isn’t new to me and gets more powerful by the day.

My crusade is all about allowing my mind to “be still” to receive inspiration from meditation.

San Francisco BeachThis is a place I go when I meditate.

I visualize this place in my mind when I’m under a tremendous amount of stress, or the love of life has left my heart.

I start my meditation with slow, even breaths.

As I inhale, I fill my abdomen and hold my breath to the count of three.

As I exhale, I imagine I am breathing out all the toxins held within my body as my body begins to relax.

I do this breathing exercise at least three times and then let my body relax as I throw off to the heavens any interfering thoughts or chatter.

I do this for at least fifteen minutes per day, that’s all it takes to allow inspiration to flow.

Let your heart sing and find a well of inspiration in your space of meditation.

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!



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