The Allure of the Mayan Calendar – A New Beginning for Me and You

MP900309640Is the Mayan calendar ending?  Yes.  I prefer to see it not as an end, but a new beginning.  A new level of higher consciousness for me, you and the rest of the world.

As a Mayan ancestor, Ac Tah, (listen to brief video message below) explains his version of what will happen from December 21 through 23, 2012.

The first part of the video is highly scientific and might bore you a bit.  The majority of the video is his version of quantum physics and how he and his team are attempting to prolong our ability to experience this heightened level of consciousness.

MP900341439Fast forward to about the 5:20 minute mark, and also towards the end of the video, where Ac Tah (via the use of an interpreter) explains the critical eight minute time period of the planetary alignment.

This eight minute time frame is when a high level of consciousness occurs.  “During this time,” he says, “we would realize the error of our ways and everything going on in our life.”  The rest of the video explains how he is trying to create a much longer time frame than eight minutes to experience a newly awakened consciousness.

Woman Writing on Pad of PaperAccording to Ac Tah, the highest peak of alignment will occur mid day on the 21st and end mid day on the 23rd.

As he says, “Get your pens and paper ready to jot down insights you receive from December 21 through 23.  Write down anything that comes to you, without judgement, then review these critical messages after December 23.

While all this fuss about the end of the world is circulating, I refuse to give these doomsday prophets any more of my time.  I’m preparing myself for a lifetime opportunity to walk through this doorway to an awakened state.

Pull up a chair and hunker down for the long haul!  Anyone with me?

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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