Joy, Joy, Joy – A Spiritual Experience in “Being”

Today reflect on this teaching about Level One of your type: “Joy is a natural experience that arises spontaneously when we experience ourselves as Being—when we are free of the endless chatter, planning, and projects of our ego minds.” (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 286)

As I woke on this beautiful Florida morning, I was greeted with my usual daily affirmation from the Enneagram Institute, a personality type instrument I was introduced to in 2009.  I couldn’t help but see how appropriate the affirmation was for me today.

I was experiencing no joy during my fitful night of sleep last night.

My mind spinned and sputtered through my typical chatter of endless thoughts about my past, present and future; nothing out of the ordinary from any other ego incident that tends to emerge in the dark recesses of the night.

Since I spend so much time meditating and connecting with my spiritual self, I thought I had risen above all this chatter.  It’s quite clear that my ego self just can’t stop interfering in my life.

It could also be that I recently had a Lightworker’s Healing Method session with Reverend Susan Allen (Susia), a certified practitioner.

The lightworker’s session was about helping me come into alignment with my soul’s plan for my life.  It’s a very spiritual experience and one I would recommend to anyone struggling with a purposeful plan for their lives.

I’m quite certain that my ego is having a battle with my spiritual self because it wants to remain my master.  I’ll have none of it.

Joy, joy, joy and experiencing every moment of every day just “being” is my plan.  With a little help from my spiritual self, I intend to stay on my enlightened path, moment to moment, while I remain balanced and joyful by just “being”.

I’d like to end today with a prayer for our world, especially the people in the path of  hurricane “Sandy”.

May the light of God shine down on those in Sandy’s path.  May He surround them with the peace, light and love needed to go forth through the storm.

I send you blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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