Moose Gardens – Where Moose Roam and Gardens Sing

I just returned from a trip to Alaska, the last frontier.  It’s also home to Sarah Palin and where the saying, “I can see Russia from my backyard” became famous.

We stayed at Moose Gardens bed and breakfast (B&B) in Anchorage, Alaska located on Dimond Boulevard and hidden in the hills – a true diamond in the rough in a fully blossomed perfect state!

Surrounded by the Chugach mountains with an overlook of the Talkeetna mountain range (famed hot spot to prepare for the hike to Mt. McKinley), this wonderful B&B with spectacular dahlia gardens full of colors from red, yellow blue and green provided me a place to meditate on mother earth’s precious land and soil.

The hilly sloped gardens, where moose roam freely through the property, added to the charm of this log cabin retreat.

The driveway’s sloped path had a welcoming miniature gnome village that guarded the B&Bs earthen treasures.

Because of host Marya’s love for gardening, the Anchorage garden club showed up one evening to experience the beauty and grandeur of the dahlia forest she built.

I could hear and see oohh’s and aahh’s, claps and bows from our private balcony as we watched them lovingly gaze at inch after inch of the colorful dahlia gardens and hundreds of other plants.

One especially brisk morning before the sun rose, I strolled through the gardens and stopped to meditate.

As I took in each breath, I felt the crisp fall air fill my lungs with a fresh cleansing aroma of the trees interspersed on this lush, green hillside.  At that moment, I felt that nowhere else on God’s green earth could I experience the splendid beauty of His creation as so honored by Marya and Garnett, host at Moose Gardens.

Enough said about my journey.  Meditate with me as you browse through the beautiful photos below.

Now close your eyes and imagine you are there.

I send you blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!



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