Closing the Chapter on a Conspiracy Theory – Forty-Seven Years Later

I recently met the author of the book, Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist, Robert Lockwood Mills.  I’m so lucky to have found him in my own backyard, and I thank him for publishing theories that I could never put into words like he does.

His book took me back to a time I try hard to forget.  Mills book, filled with many unpleasant truths, momentarily reignited a fire in me for a need to know what might have been the reason behind the death of my brother, an Army officer, in August of 1965.

I’ve lived for years believing that my brother’s death was a conspiracy that occurred during the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson administration.

Mills book fans my conspiracy flame as he points out fact after fact that can’t be disputed about everything from the fatal shot in the Kennedy assassination; errors in the Warren Commission report; breaching of the 1890 Sherman Act; rigging of the 2004 presidential election; and the obvious timing of the many deaths like Lemme, Connell, Zangretti, Hunter, Kilgallen and many more whose deaths would surprise and stun the most avid historians.

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist is not about unsubstantiated or poorly formatted theories; it’s about theories that Mills himself has validated.  It’s a book that could solve painful questions in the mind of many, like me, who have suffered irreparable loss in a government dripping in secrecy.

Mills book helped me devise many questions about the joint mission of the U.S. Air Force and Army aircraft accident that took my brother’s life, and the lives of 13 others in the summer of 65.

While reading Chapter 17 titled “Would People in Our Government Do Something Like That”, many important questions I’ve had difficulty constructing emerged.

Could an average citizen (an Army officer like my brother) be involved in a conspiracy of such magnitude that the government would cause the death of 14 well-trained, highly-educated military officers on a secret mission to South America with combined hoards of military knowledge?  What could possibly be gained by shooting down or causing this plane to crash in the mountains of South America leaving all the bodies to rot?

Thanks to Mills, I’ve come up with some possible scenarios and gut wrenching closure to these senseless deaths.

I have files a foot deep and newspaper articles dating back to September 1961 with stories about my brother’s work with the Cuban exiles.  Could it be that in the 1960s while my brother was enlisting Cuban exiles into the Army, that Fidel Castro put his name on a hit list, along with the names of the other officers on this fatal flight?  Could it be that Castro and other supporters in South America knew that this failed mission would alarm a  group as powerful as the United States military?

I can only speculate that there is a connection to Kennedy, Johnson, Castro and Valencia (then President of Colombia), that they had a message to send that took these innocent men’s lives.   I can also speculate that I’ll stop speculating and accept the fact that my brother is gone.  May he rest in peace as I finally surrender to his fate nearly 47 years later.

I long for his presence and charming personality as I mourn his suffering wife’s failing health, riddled with Alzheimer’s, in a facility in the Midwest where their love story, cut short, first began.

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist is a book in my library that I will forever be grateful to have read.  I now close the chapter on my conspiracy theory and thank Mills for healing a wound that has long needed attention.

Mills storytelling and eloquent writing is a must read.  It’s a book that allows critical thinkers to explore the depths of human nature for what it is and not for what we wish it to be.


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