A Penny for your Thoughts – Messages from God

Just like every other day, today I took a walk.

My walk is about a five-mile trek through a beautiful community with easy walking paths that help me stay on a smooth course with few interruptions.

I start my walk through an out-of-the-way path, used by few, with overgrown weeds and gates I have to dodge. I rarely look down as I’m walking, but today I did.

There, on the ground staring back at me, was a penny.  I find pennies all the time and this penny was no different – except, I thought to myself, “How did this penny arrive on this rarely used path?”

As always, I look at the date of the penny and think back to that particular year in my life to see what the penny has to say.  This pennies date was 1991, a year I’d like to forget; it was a pivotal year in my life.

My oldest son was seven and his brother was four years old.  I thought I had life wrapped up in a bright little package – a good job, nice home, two wonderful children, and I was more fit than I had ever been in my life.

I was running small races around my community, going to college, and I was active and happy with my spiritual life, attending a small community church.  What had been simmering behind closed doors I’d rather forget.

Something very peculiar happened to this penny.  I normally put these pennies away or gladly spend them.  I slipped this one into my sports bra for safekeeping.  When I returned home, it was gone.

I somehow knew this pennies message was all about letting go a part of my life that I can’t do over.  Are there things I regret from 1991 – yes.  Am I sorry my family and my life took another route – no.

I’m fit, blessed and on solid ground.  I’m so grateful that I’ve learned to look for messages through small, non-coincidental activity.

Learning to recognize these heavenly messages sooner could have saved me from the turmoil that my children and I have had to work through.  As the penny says, “In God We Trust”.

With only profound love for God, my children, husband and step-family, I send you pennies from heaven, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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