Green Money – Do You Know Where Your Gold Is?

I had another enlightening “green” moment yesterday after hearing Hazel Henderson, an economist, speak during The Spring of Sustainability webcast.  Her session was titled, “Green Transition – Investing Toward Sustainability”.  A lot of what she shared centered around socially responsible investing in green technologies.

I’m going to take a wild guess; like you, I haven’t been exposed to this type of investing.  Most of our mainstream media doesn’t spend much time on this segment of the market.

I urge you to go to The Spring of Sustainability webcast and register to listen to Hazel’s talk about her efforts (along with many other supporters) creating a Green Transition Scoreboard.  It’s an initiative to assess worldwide technology sectors in the growing green economy to make sure they are the really green technologies.

What Hazel has to offer in this webcast is also more than the scorecard process.

She challenged me to get educated on our money system, controlled by the banks, not the Federal Government.  It was an eye-opener.  I know at some level I’ve known about the illusory money system, but I never thought I could understand the complexity of this troubling symbol of debt.


After listening to this session, here’s what I did.

Henderson recommends viewing the PBS movie, The Money Fix (click on this link and select WATCH NOW when you get to the website). The movie exposes the politics of money creation and credit allocation.  It took a little over an hour to view, but it was well worth my time.  I’d recommend anyone follow the same action plan.

My next plan of action is to look at my investments for “green” companies, and spend more time in my community supporting gardening groups, farmer’s markets and taking a lot more walks.

As always, I send you my wishes for a sustainable future, and a harmoniously, prosperous life!


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