Closet Therapy – Clean Up Your Closet, Clean Up Your Life! What Is Your Closet Saying?

I’ve recently decided that it’s time to clean my closets. What I didn’t count on was my closet blessed me with a huge message about my life.

It wasn’t until I started this monumental task that I realized my life is changing like the clothes in my closet.  Each item of clothing that I throw into my pile reminded me of the reason I bought this “have to have” piece.

Here’s what I found out:

  • There was a slinky black top I bought when I lost 20 pounds after the birth of my last son.  It was my “I’ll show you how hot I really am after pregnancy” top.  I bought it because it made me feel sleek and thin … all ego based.
  • Those skinny jeans, ouch!  I bought them when I was beginning to feel like I was getting old.  All ego based; I felt I needed them to make me look and feel good, not to mention my need to attract desiring eyes.
  • The long hunter green coat that slithers down my body to my thin calves and ankles made me feel much taller than I am and it, too, was purchased for my ego.
  • As I pulled out the puffy, balloon style dress, I laughed!  I purchased this one because a friend said it looked great on me!  I wore it with her to a work function and realized she made me buy it so she could look better than me.  This was ego based, but also stupid!  I never was any good at reading other people’s motives.

I think you get the point!  All of my purchases were because I thought they’d make me something I wasn’t – secure with who I am.  They were clothes that friends and family said, “wow, you gotta buy this it looks so good on you.”

Fast forward 20+ years with clothes, even older, still hanging in my closet.  I’m really not who I thought I was then.  I find that the only thing that makes me look good is who I really am, clothes or no clothes.

It’s so refreshing to not care about being judged by my outer self and now only caring about my inner self, the window to my real soul.  Unconditional love is spewing from me and gives me a beauty and glow that can’t be purchased.

Surprisingly, all the clothes I kept look good on me because I feel good about me.  I realized that it doesn’t matter what I put on.  Because I feel good about me, I look good in just about anything … well, maybe not speedos, vests or cowboy boots!

Look in your closet and see what your clothes have to say.  Look at each piece and ask the following questions:

  1. Why did I buy this item?
  2. Did someone else encourage me to buy this item? If so, who was it and are they still in my life?
  3. What was going on in my life when I bought this item?
  4. At first glance, does this item make me feel happy or sad?

I’ll guarantee you, you’ll get messages that you never expected.  I just saved myself thousands of dollars.  Who needs a psychologist when you have a closet that reveals so much?

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant closet filled with your beautiful self.


2 Responses to Closet Therapy – Clean Up Your Closet, Clean Up Your Life! What Is Your Closet Saying?

  1. gracelee11 says:

    Many years ago I decided to follow Jewish tradition for passover and cleaned out my closets and my house to the point that if Jesus visited, I could happily invite him in. I understand now why they do it. Everything that was negative, went, everything that was the past that I didn’t need to be held back by, went, photos that brought back bad memories – out the door and my house was cleaned from top to bottom. Fabulous feeling.

    I now do it on a regular basis and I have grown to dislike clutter both in my home and in my life. In fact before I undertake any new project, I clean up the clutter of the past first.

    Thanks for the timely reminder that I am starting a new project and I need to declutter – inside and out.


    • mmt2mmt says:

      Thank you so much for this inspiring comment … it was a wonderful experience to shed blockages in my life that I never recognized before – blessings!

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