What is The Art of Table Dancing? Get Your Copy Here FREE!!!!

When I returned to Ohio from wintering in Florida, my first contact was with a blast from my past.  She’s an author of the book, The Art of Table Dancing.  This book is filled with personal stories about growing up, loving, laughter and family.

Denise Stanfa (she goes by DC) and I met for coffee at Starbucks.  It was such a great feeling to catch up with her.  How appropriate Starbucks would be as a place to sell her charming book.

I first met DC in 2008 when I promoted her book at my now defunct wine shop in Ohio.  She is one special lady so full of spunk, vitality and laughter – she’s contagious.  Her book kept me riveted while I laughed and screamed, “Wow, I can relate to her!”

As we sat sipping our latte’s, we talked about writing and she filled me in on her second book which is coming soon.  I can’t wait to get my copy.

As you read her book, you’ll notice that DC is an unorthodox woman who refuses to let her past, present or future get her down.

One of the more ominous stories from her book is about her wedding that was to take place in Myrtle Beach in September 1989.   It was to be a simple beach wedding and Hurricane Hugo wasn’t supposed to be on the invitation list.  Here are the foreboding words she used in her wedding invitation:

Come away with us to the sea, the sand, the sunshine and the autumn breezes. Share in the beauty of God’s creations.  Share in the joy of our celebration.

DC shares her personal story of how this natural disaster changed her and her family’s lives.  As you read further into this book, you’ll also find out why she appeared on Jerry Springer and what happened when she got a call from the Geraldo show … funny!

Today is your lucky day!  I have a limited number of copies of DC’s book that I want to send to you.  Be the first seven people to contact me via my email and I’ll mail you this great book FREE!  It’s a must read.

Until later, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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