The Nature Of The Trap … Our Food Dilemma – What’s Eating You?

Continuing on my spiritual quest for health and well-being, I have another insightful piece of information to share with you.  This one, again, pertains to our food industry.  More important, it’s a marketing expose of America’s food dilemma.

Here’s a link to a great movie recently sent to me by one of my subscribers called “Hungry for Change, Your health is in your hands”.

CLICK HERE, or click the title of the movie above, to get a 20 minute trailer to this educational piece.  Thank you “GS” (you know who you are) for this inspiring account of things that need to be shared.

My recent blogs about the food industry have created quite a stir and a certain camaraderie for fellow foodies.  I’m happy to know I’m not the only person trying to unravel the secret behind the ingredients contained in things we put in our mouth.

I’ll be taking a break from my blog for a much needed sister vacation.  I’ll be back soon to share my eating out experience while on the road.  I’m hopeful staying “green” and understanding labels will keep my energy in high gear and my spirits always “up”.

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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