Warning: Wine Has Carcinogens – Now I’ve Heard Everything!!!

Believe me, I don’t make these things up.  I was sent yet another article proclaiming the dangers of consuming foods and beverages.  This time it’s the supposed heart-healthy beverage, my beloved wine.  Are you kidding me!

Check out this article:

Study Finds Carcinogens in Alcoholic Beverages – Substances in wine can cause cancer, but levels are low for moderate drinkers

I love a beautiful, full-bodied glass of wine.  Not so much for the alcoholic content, but as a serious pairing with special meals.  There is nothing so luscious as a fabulous bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella Italian red wine that I paired with a leg of lamb on Easter Sunday!

I laughed when I read the paragraph stating, ” … Lachenmeier and co-author Jürgen Rehm wrote that red wine can be cancerous even at lower levels. The risk may be low, they say, but there is still risk…”

If this statement is true, stop writing articles that have less than 1% chance of causing serious issues.   I can see my obituary now … “she died from the carcinogens she consumed from drinking wine and frequenting public places with a high level of secondary smoke!”

I think I know why a lot of my friends tell me to stay away from the television and to stop reading newspapers.  These contradictory messages dig me deeper and deeper into a black hole.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my blog about another popular foodies movie and the dangers in the food we feed our bodies.

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


2 Responses to Warning: Wine Has Carcinogens – Now I’ve Heard Everything!!!

  1. Liz Fish says:

    As a hospice nurse I can assure that we all die and none of us get out of here alive. So I say “pick your battles”. I wear my seatbelt, I am in a monogymous relationship, and I drink red wine. Living life in fear of dying is not living. I have witnessed countless patients who didnt drink or smoke, exercised daily, ate organic and still died from cancer at a young age. My best advice “Everyday is a gift” so enjoy the here and now.

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