A Scaring in America – Another Food Industry Puzzler!

Looks like today is another ongoing saga about our food industry.  I think I’ll go back to focusing on my spiritual and mental welfare not physical.  It’s quite exhausting.  By all accounts, I should be dead by now after reading all the reports on food dangers from the mainstream media.

A Reuters story showed up in my email today:

Ammonia used in many foods, not just “pink slime”

Pacific Business News reported this:

Does ‘Oprah’s Farm’ mean Winfrey’s moving to Maui?

What do they both have in common?  They are all about food.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something … hmm!  I can’t just stop eating altogether can I?

The ammonia story, sparked by the recent pink slime debacle in ground beef, is scary.  Here’s the lowdown on ammonia:

Pink slime is a filler for ground beef and it’s made from fatty trimmings from other cuts of possibly contaminated beef.  The filler is sprayed with ammonium hydroxide to remove bacteria diseases like salmonella and E.coli.

Here was the kicker for me – Kraft Foods, maker of  Chips Ahoy cookies and Velveeta cheese use very small amounts of ammonia in their products.  Ammonium hydroxide, ammonium phosphate and ammonium chloride are considered safe in small amounts and they were approved by USDA for use in foods in 1974.

Ever sit and eat a whole box of cookies, drink more than a few sodas a day, and live on soups and canned vegetables for a long period?  I have.  Gee, what is the food industry trying to do to me?

Ever check out what the definition is for these ammonium ingredients?  Here are a few definitions from Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Ammonium Chloride:  a white crystalline volatile salt nh4cl that is used in dry cells and as an expectorant

Ammonium Hydroxide:  a compound that is formed when ammonia dissolves in water and that exists only in solution

Ammonium Phosphate:  a phosphate of ammonium; phosphate means – a salt of a phosphoric acid; phosphoric acid … are you ready for this – a syrupy or deliquescent tribasic acid H3PO4 used especially in preparing phosphates (as for fertilizers), in rust-proofing metals, and especially formerly as a flavoring in soft drinks —called also orthophosphoric acid

Now onto Oprah … it’s rumored that she is starting up an organic farm in Hawaii.  Do you think she’s trying to cash in on these lucrative, secret, food killer additives that we consume everyday?

I gotta give her credit for jumping on something sooner than later.  Look what she’s done for Dr. Oz and “the food scaring of America”.  I have a hard time watching him anymore because I really should be six feet under!

You decide.   I’m giving up on trying to figure out what’s in my food.  With strong intention, I’m more in favor of saying the following prayer to God, before I take my first bite:

“Thank you Lord for the abundance of food that you give to me.  Please bless this food and lift the veil of secret ingredients as it touches the tongue that sustains my life for my highest and best good, Amen!”

As I’ve said before, it’s all about intention!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shocking food blog entry.  For some of you, it’ll be a real eye opener.

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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