I Know All Is Well And I Am Blessed – My Weekend Of Healing With Deborah King

I just returned from Atlanta, Georgia where I attended a weekend workshop with Deborah King, energy healer and life coach.  I’m pretty overwhelmed, to say the least.  I think I’m still processing the amazing healing that went on this entire weekend.

On the last day of this workshop, I was chosen from the audience of 200+ attendees to go on stage and allow Deborah to sense my energy field and detect blockages.

I became a babbling baby when it was my turn to share my personal emotional experiences with her and the audience.  My mind went entirely blank when I tried to describe personal issues that brought me to her workshop.

The next thing I remember, she began performing her magic healing by waving her hands all around the front and back of my energy field.  When she finished, I gave her the biggest bear hug I could and walked off the stage in sheer terror.

Had I really just shared my personal problems with hundreds of people?  Could this be the reason I was in such a tizzy after Deborah told me that my root and heart chakras were blocked?

I’m still digesting everything spiritual I experienced over the weekend.  I’m exhausted and only want to spend time alone and contemplate what I learned from others and what I learned about myself in this healing with Deborah King.

If you want to learn more about her remarkable healing, get her books Truth Heals and Be Your Own Shaman.  These books have been instrumental in accelerating my emotional healing.

As I work through this overwhelming experience of peace and love, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day!


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