Genes, Genes, Genes – What’s All The Fuss About Our Genes And Cellular Memory?

Are drugs the only answer to healing? Are you often anxious about your future? Are you constantly in  fight or flight mode?  Do you believe your thoughts are causing you harm?  All of these questions point to cellular memory.

Cellular memory is memory stored in our bodies.  The new word for advanced cellular memory research is epigenetics – the idea that non-genetic information passes from parents to offspring.

I believe that my life will change significantly if I can change my thoughts and clean out my negative cellular memory.  This is one of the reasons I can’t help but continue talking about cellular memory and how I experience it through my thought patterns.

Just do a little research on organ transplant recipients who take on the characteristics of their individual donors.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find and you can begin to connect the dots yourself.

Many scientist and physicist say that our cellular memory is like a domino effect.  It’s handed down to us from our parents, their parents and their parents parents – going all the way back to our first ancestors.  These cellular memories, many triggered by stress in our lives, often place us in fight or flight mode.  Do you believe this?

Listen to this animated video about cellular memory and share your opinions with me.

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day!

This article is in no way a substitute for advice from a medical professional.  This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.

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