Absolute Emotional Healing – Closing All The Right Doors

I’m back from a family emergency in Illinois.  My trip resulted in a week of new emotional doors opening and old ones closing.

I worked so hard on my emotional baggage in 2011 to fill my world with peace and contentment.  I was so tired of taking everything personal and blaming myself harshly for all my inadequacies.  The door to emotional unrest has closed!

How do I know the door has closed?

This past week I spent with three of my sisters.  I’m sure you know how catty and competitive some sisterly relationships are, especially when you happen to be the baby of the family, like me.

Our time together is often filled with conversations that always take a trip down memory lane.  Since I was so much younger, they rarely include me.  These experiences were always difficult for me because I never really felt like I belonged in my own family.

And, of course, there’s always the comment from my older sister when she says, “Hmm, I don’t remember you ever being there.”  I would always feel her look at me with disdain and here’s what I would hear her say, “Our life wasn’t anything like that.  I don’t know what family you grew up in, but here’s how it really happened.”

Last week, I relished the moment these situations occurred to test my own resolve in reducing my emotional responses.  These moments happened, more than once a day; maybe even twice or three times a day.

On my part, there weren’t any moments of negativity, arguments, anger, sadness, grief or wishing things could be different.  I was completely and utterly content through the entire visit.

I felt only unconditional love for each and every one of my sisters.  I do dearly love them.  This was a huge sign for me.  Being filled with unconditional love for everyone and everything felt really good!

All the hard work I did in 2011 is paying off in 2012.  Telling my emotions and ego (graciously) to shut up, sit down and go away helped me truly connect with others in a more loving way.

And another thing happened – I slept really well!  Another sign that I’m closing all the right doors.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous, loving and abundant day!


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