For The Love Of Family – Great Moments And Peace Abound

Today is a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree morning here in Florida and I am so grateful.

By late this afternoon, I’ll be flying into a snowstorm in Illinois all in the name of love for family.  This trip is worth more to me than all the gold in the world.

I’ll be surrounded by four beautiful sisters and one brother sharing with each other our unconditional love.

Despite that years separate us, and family issues are never far behind, I make this trek with only loving thoughts of beautiful days and loving memories that will last forever.

As you’ll recall, I shared a post on January 5, 2012 about one of my sisters’ diagnoses of lung cancer.  It is my intention to only visualize great moments and peace ahead for her highest and best good, whatever path she takes.

I hear her spirits are high, stories are being told and lots of laughs are being heard throughout the halls.  I couldn’t be happier!

So as I pack the only heavy sweater I own and prepare for the bitter cold with only their love to warm my heart, I am at peace.

As always, I send you love and blessings for a prosperous and abundant 2012!


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