Allstate’s Commercial On Oneness – Are We All Interconnected?

“What I think and do affects you.”
    Chris Waugh

I have experienced such joy for myself by reframing all the drama in my life.  I practice inner healing and many components of metaphysics to help me feel better, take control of my own life, resolve my own problems without all the stress to evolve into my highest spiritual potential.

While doing this, I’ve also realized that we are all one, affecting each other in every action, reaction and through our collective conscious awareness.  “We are more fundamentally connected to each other than previously thought.”, says Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Institute of Heartmath.

Today I saw a great commercial for Allstate.  I don’t know who the advertising executives are for this commercial, but they have produced a fabulous example of the change occurring, ever so slowly, in the global consciousness movement and the belief that we are all interconnected – we are one.

The commercial starts off with a young guy driving an old model car who rear-ends the car of a mature gentleman driving a beautiful, new black car.  The young guy happily hands the elderly gentleman his insurance card spewing a channeling of Dennis Haysbert’s voice (the official spokesperson for Allstate Insurance).

The elderly gentleman says, “Oh, good, I thought you’d have some cut rate insurance.  Hmph, I have Allstate too and the same insurance man.”  The teenager, confidently smiling, replies, “It’s like we’re connected.”  The mature gentleman says, “No, we’re not.”  The teenager says, “Yes – we are.”

I’m so excited to see this small shift in collective consciousness seeping into mainstream media.   This shared belief is a shift, or unified force, within our society that will change the way we create a more peaceful, loving world.  We’ve only just begun!

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant 2012!


63 Responses to Allstate’s Commercial On Oneness – Are We All Interconnected?

  1. Misty Hosier says:

    I would like to know who the young actor is.

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  3. Matt M says:

    Yeah right, this greasy little douchebag has Allstate! More like he has no insurance, no license, it’s not his car and he lives on someone’s couch. Horrible casting.

    • mmt2mmt says:

      Thanks for your response. Since my blog is about changing my self limiting beliefs that I’ve carried through my life from childhood, I’d be interested in knowing what you see in this commercial that I don’t perceive. Is it the guys long hair, clothes, car that gives you this perception?

      • Misty Hosier says:

        I think the young guy is awesome. I love watching this commercial. The older man is condescending. Just by looking at the young man he feels that he is better. Why? Because he is older? Why would he think that the young man is less than he is? Because he has long hair? Let me say that I love this commercial because the younger man is kind and loving and I can see this very easily. He says, “my bad” whereas I can see other folks blaming. He is taking responsibility. When he goes on to say, “its like were connected” and the older man “no were not” with an again condescending attitude this young man simply looks at him in the most wonderful way. I love the young actor I think he was perfect. Great job!

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I SO agree!!!! Blessings to you.

  4. Mark B says:

    They almost look like dad and son!

  5. alex says:

    They look related like dad and son. I think that’s the joke. Their eyes and nose look identical.

  6. allstatefan says:

    I really like that commercial too. Funny thing is that I ended up on this blog trying to research whether or not the actors were related. They do look like father and son.

    • mmt2mmt says:

      I’m trying really hard to find out if they are . . . others also have commented about them being father/son. Would the impact of the commercial change if we find out they are related?

      • allstatefan says:

        No…the impact of the commercial wouldn’t change. It’s more curiosity than anything else why I wanted to know. Although…it may give that line “its like we’re connected” the commercial more meaning.

      • carol puckett says:

        I always thought he was saying Hi Dad but I guess he is saying my bad. I think it says they are father and son and the dad isn’t too pleased with the long hair but the dad acts somewhat surprised that they have the same insurance and agent. So bottom line, he acts a little proud that his boy has shown that long hair hasn’t changed how his Dad raised him. Love the commercial.

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I love the commercial too! You have a bit better twist on this awesome commercial than others … your twist is even more unique … hope to find out something soon 🙂

  7. George says:

    I would LOVE to know if the two actors are related in life, because they actually do look like father and son. So, it is great casting in any event.

  8. Scott Enlow says:

    I too took to the web searching for an answer as to their relation or lack of. This blog is where I found more questions than answers.But at least people are wondering like I am. They just have to be dad and son. They look too much alike not to be.

  9. jana setty says:

    they must be father and son or the same guy with a great make-up artist. but they look like they may be the same man.

  10. It’s the SAME ACTOR….that’s the joke….the same man plays both parts….

  11. Elle Evenson says:

    REALLY?? I would have thought it was father and son. Not just good makeup, GREAT MAKEUP!

  12. Ken b says:

    Are you serious ??? Lol I have came to this blog by asking the same question were they actually related …. Lol

  13. Vic says:

    They are not the same man. The older man was in a sitcom during the late 70’s, maybe 1979, and he really is as old as he looks.

  14. Shirl Quesenberry says:

    My husband and I are in an argument as to what the young man says to the older man. I think he says “my bad” and my husband thinks he says “hi dad”. So it’s funny that some people think they look like father and son. I want to know if I’m right that he says “my bad” – is this what most people think he says.

    • Janet Densmore says:

      Its my bad and I also want to know if they are really father and son because they certainly look like it and I am sure that is what the commercial is really all about.

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I’m still researching this and I’m sticking to my guns – they’re not the same person and I’ll eat my hat if they are father and son LOL!

    • mmt2mmt says:

      This is a new one to me; I’ll have to re-listen but I’m almost certain he says “my bad”

    • JeannetteB says:

      He says “My Bad”

    • PSzymeczek says:

      I think the older guy is Lawrence Pressman. Can anyone confirm this?

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I’ve been trying to get these answers for many months now and haven’t had much success … I looked up Lawrence Pressman and he sure looks like the guy; the young guy, I think, is DC Pierson

      • Scott Enlow says:

        Definately NOT Lawrence Pressman as the older gentleman. That is for certain. The younger guy could maybe be DC Pierson but I have my doubts after doing a Google image search and looking at him. But the older guy is NOT Lawrence Pressman.

      • mmt2mmt says:

        Hmmm … I’m not sure on this one; if I look at his picture and add a little bit of age and a little bit of weight loss in the face, I might buy it … however, it certainly doesn’t look like it from his online bio.

  15. J1 says:

    As I continue to research things on this amazing thing we have now called the Internet, I was wondering the same thing, are these two guys related? Surely this time I would fine a question that would not be of any concern to anyone and just wouldn’t be there. Low and behold I found on my very first try the same identical question… Are these guys related?? Amazing, so are they??

  16. Donna says:

    I was wondering the same thing. My husband is sure they are father and son so I thought I would check it out. What is the answer?

    • mmt2mmt says:

      I’m still not sure … I’ve asked several Allstate people and sent many, many emails and I’m getting no response … I am hopeful I will find out something soon.

      • Lorre List says:

        I actually was in a debate with my husband over this and that’s how I found this post.. I have thought they were either father and son our the same actor… It will be great to find out!!!! Thanks for looking further…

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I’m still checking around and am getting no where so far … but … I’m not giving up 🙂

  17. Lynda says:

    Its “Hello Dad” and the fun starts- it is my favorite allstate commercial!

  18. JeannetteB says:

    Will someone from Allstate satisfy everyone’s curiosity and let us know if these guys are related! We need answers here!

    • allstatefan says:

      The young actor’s name is DC Pierson…I decided to see if he had a twitter account and he does…@DCpierson. I sent him a message today so that he could answer the question if he and the older actor are related. Hopefully he answers. If and when he does I will post the answer or maybe you could start following on twitter and await the answer with me 🙂

      • mmt2mmt says:

        You rock!!!!!!!!! I never thought to look at Twitter … I’m on it and let us know if you find out anything sooner 🙂

  19. judy baker says:

    In this commercial for Allstate with the teenager and the older gentleman are they really father and son, because they look a lot a like. Also wanted to let you know with all the crazy commercials out there keep up the good work with the Allstate ones!

  20. Kim says:

    I love this commercial, Ilove the look one the young guys face after he says “yes we are”…

  21. Ro Efa says:

    SO this ends in May, 2012 with no answer ???
    AArrrghh ! I think it’s the same actor playing both parts.
    They can do amazing things with makeup.

  22. Answermam says:

    The younger actor is definitely D. C. Pierson. This is the link to his blog:

  23. Rusty says:

    I bet they’re father an son or maybe uncle and nephew…

    • mmt2mmt says:

      I’ve tried for over a year to find out and have had NO luck … I say they aren’t related … let me know if you find out … I love the commercial!!!

      • TomzTV says:

        Now to add more intrigue… Check out the Labor Day HH GREGG commercial (the paddle boat “date”.) That’s DC Pierson again, and AGAIN playing two people… Look closely, his date is really HIMSELF (the giveaway is the Woman’s “Man Hands”. Now will you concede that the old man in the Allstate Commercial is him too?

      • mmt2mmt says:

        I just may have to concede on this one … I’m having a tough time seeing the likeness. I watched the YouTube over and over again … watch it here If it is, he does a very good job of it … I wish you could tell the likeness as well as Madea does 🙂

      • TomzTV says:

        He is quite masterful, and the makeup is very good, albeit digitally enhanced. I do believe he is making a name for himself in a stealthy sort of way. Its his particular trademark in a way. Being a member of an improv group no doubt facilitates his creative skills that allow him to pull this off. A real prankster for sure.

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