Are You An Empath? I Need To Be More Compassionate To Empaths

I’m back after a long holiday vacation in San Francisco.  It was exquisite, and as is typical when traveling, emotionally draining!

Recently I have run into a lot of people who tell me they are empaths.

I really didn’t know what an empath was, but I remember in my blog from June 28, 2011 titled Are You Emotionally Free?, I shared some information from Dr. Orloff, a psychologist familiar with empaths, from her book Emotional Freedom.

Dr. Orloff taught me that empaths can sense our deep emotions.  They have a unique ability to scan our psyche and sense our thoughts and feelings.  It’s easy for them to take on the negative characteristics from people who are very sad, depressed or in a rotten mood.

I sat next to a guy on my flight home from California who told me he was an empath.  He talked about his ups and downs nearly the entire two hour trek to Denver.  I only wish I would have thought to get into a more serious Q&A with him about his empath skills.  I would’ve had him scan my psyche and tell me what he saw or sensed.  Apparently he saw a lot or he wouldn’t have latched on to me so tight for so long.

I send him my apologies for not respectfully responding to him as I should have, but he probably already knew that.  Oh well, c’est la vie!

Enjoy this short video from Dr. Orloff about empaths and do a better job than I did when you meet one.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!


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