Preparing Myself Mentally, Physically And Emotionally With Stones – Which Ones Do You Use?

As I blog from San Francisco during this special 2011 holiday, I hope this finds you staying above the fray.  I know we are all working through the hustle and bustle this season brings.  What helps me is to remind myself the reason for this season.

It occurred to me after a long flight Christmas day across the United States, that I should have prepared myself mentally, physically and emotionally for the harried environment of haggard travelers hurrying to get to their last-minute destinations.

By the time I boarded my first flight, it was too late to go back home and retrieve my grounding and healing stones.

Before my trip, I promised myself I wouldn’t forget my stones, but I did!  If I could do it all over again, these are the stones I would’ve brought on my trip across America:

Agate Natural: This is my  grounding stone and also has very soothing, calming qualities.  It’s meant to harmonize my physical, emotional, mental and etheric qualities.  It’s also good for stabilizing my aura and eliminating negativity, much like a cat’s eye.

Amethyst: This stone dispels and transmutes negative energy and calms my mind.  It turns bad things like anger, fear, rage, and resentment into something more positive.

Calcite: This one is my energy amplifier.  It also lifts my emotions, aids in my willpower and it opens my heart chakra.  The best part of this stone is that it alleviates emotional stress by bring me peace and serenity.

Cats Eye:  This stone brings me confidence, good luck, happiness and serenity. Like the agate, it’s also a grounding stone.  It dispels negative energy from my aura.

Jade:  This one is a symbol of purity, serenity and love.  It harmonizes dysfunctional relationships which can often be experienced during a holiday season.  This one is great for releasing my negative thoughts.  Most important for me is its dream stone qualities aiding in manifesting my dreams in the oftentimes drab hotel rooms.

Yellow Topaz:  This one would have been great for attracting helpful people during many of my layovers. Just the color yellow is like the sun which aids in increasing my energy.

These are just a few of the stones that would have helped me during my nearly 12 hour flight to sunny California.

Whether you believe in these stones healing qualities or not, doesn’t matter, it’s all about intention.  Action and intention is everything.

As we wind down to New Year’s Eve, and the crossing over into 2012, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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