Blogtalk Friday – Hear The Rock Girl’s Broadcast Right Here – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all as I share today’s broadcast with The Rock Girl, Allison Hayes.  She presents fabulous and engaging information about our auric field.

The Rock Girl is a psychic medium, channeler, healer and high priestess of stones.  She has many celebrity clients and has a radio program on Tuesday’s at 8 p.m. on CBS Radio.

She calls our chakras the rolling disks of light located in the center of our body and the gateway to our auric field.  She says our auric field consists of layers extending two to three feet outside of our body.  The different layers are separated into four main planes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields.

My auric field issues are coming from the emotional plane.  As you all know, I have spent tons of time on this on my journey to knock-down my ego, the emotional, reactionary part of me.


She refers to it as an auric egg, which I find to be a great descriptive visual.  It’s located two to three feet emanating from our bodies and surrounding us.


She asks the audience to extend our arms straight out from our sides in T-formation and turn around in a circle.  This is the healthy part of the auric field.


To cleanse our auric field, she says we are essentially cleaning them out, much like a shower cleans our physical bodies.  She specializes in stones and provides a rundown of which ones to use for specific cleaning and clearing.

Sage and selenite are a few items she shares on the broadcast.  White sage is for smudging from head to foot, specifically in this order.  Using the selenite wand and starting at the high crown chakra, she says we have to comb out our auric field from front to back, just like we comb our hair.

Next, she says to use tingsha bells (ancient Tibet bells) that we ring above our head in our high crown chakra, which is the top of the auric field.  Ringing the bells cleanses and neutralizes anything negative that shouldn’t be there.


Along with stones like hematite, smoky and clear quartz, she says that black tourmaline repels any negativity coming our way from someone else.  The stone sends the negativity back to the original sender and turns it from negative to positive energy.

Labradorite is good for fortifying and keeping our boundaries clean and attune to whatever comes our way.  Amethyst (high sweet energy) lifts us up into a spiritual plane where negative energy cannot survive.  Rose quartz surrounds us in a big pink bubble which melts away negativity.

Thank you to The Rock Girl for this wonderful happy holiday broadcast to my subscribers. Bravo!  I know, as you know, that there is more to explore with our auric fields, but that will come in 2012.

This is a good day for me to put on my black tourmaline for my holiday season travels as I research more about my auric field.

CLICK HERE to listen to this fun and lively broadcast, or click the blogtalk logo above.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, I send you all peace, love, blessings and wishes for an abundantly healthy holiday season and a glorious 2012!

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