Is Your Community Filled With Orgone Energy? How To Tell If It Is

Have you heard about orgone energy?  It’s vibratory frequencies received from being in the sun for at least twenty minutes, or it’s receiving already highly charged energy from areas of the country, city, state where we currently live.

I’m reading Light Emerging, The Journal of Personal Healing by Barbara Brennan where she shares that it’s important for me to be in a high-energy orgone location to allow me to feel good.

Brennan further shares that this orgone energy, also called prana, is an energy charge that I get naturally from the sun.  It’s said to be a “free energy” found in the atmosphere.  This combination makes for a great prana experience!

One example she gives for a great orgone location is where there is a creative and high energy charge in a dense (creative and inventive) population, like New York, along with a mix of sunny, bright days.  It all has to do with how far our auric fields outside of our bodies reach.

Since I’ve become a residence of Florida, I’m experiencing some very, very high energy surges most days.  It’s incredible how wonderful I feel in my new community.  I attribute a lot of this well-being to the higher vibrations being emitted by a population that truly believes and practices metaphysics.

No offense to Ohio, but I’m now more sure than I was when I was living there, that the orgone energy was very, very low.   With all the grey and rainy days, and a population not as dense or creative as New York, it’s no wonder I was always feeling depleted of energy, as were many of the people, places and things I associated with.

Other examples of receiving great orgone energy, is when I experience great feelings sitting by the ocean, riverbed, tree, mountain or whatever place or vacation makes me feel good.  This is when I receive the most highly charged energy.  It’s kind of like charging my battery, which is actually my auric field.  In simpler terms, it’s the energy that surrounds all people, places and things.

I’m still learning about all of this metaphysical stuff (the fundamental nature of being), and I’m sure 2012 will take me deeper into this philosophical reality.

It’s still a few more days before our great holiday.  I’m in hopes to be experiencing another highly charged orgone site in the great state of California.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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