The Inca Medicine Wheel – What Can It Do For You?

I had the pleasure today to hear clinical social worker, author and artist, Ellen Spivey, speak at our Metaphysical Society meeting.  Ellen wrote the book, Achieving Everlasting Joy – A Journey Map.  She was exquisite!

She started her speech by saying, “I wrote the book because I couldn’t find a model for human or spiritual growth like the Inca’s medicine wheel.”

What she’s referring to is the Inca Indians of Peru.  Hundreds of years ago, they created a model of human development and potential.

Spivey says that the Inca model can still serve us today.  She says their way of life can transform my unstable emotional patterns to address my own emotional suffering.

The medicine wheel is also called the four winds, four cardinal directions or four grandfathers.  From what I understand, it’s used as a shamanic practice.  It’s like a mirror helping us to see in ourselves what we can’t see externally.  It’s like an inner map of our consciousness and evolving physical, spiritual and emotional psyche.

Spivey walked us through the different levels of our evolving nature using the directional patterns of South, West, North and East. Here is just a sampling of how she explained the first level of the medicine wheel.


Her term is Reactionary.  We look at our life where we seem to be trapped and we peel this emotional instability one layer at a time.  As an example, this is where someone says something to us that stirs something inside of us.  Most of the time we are reacting to this interaction and not embracing what we don’t like about ourselves.  At this point, we must address our feelings because they will always return until we make peace with ourselves.


This is what she calls the Warrior, setting sun.  It’s the masculine nature of man and woman.  This is where denial occurs and we push down our emotions.  We need to pull our emotions up and deal with them.


She calls this part of the wheel, Dramas.  This is the feminine side of man and woman.  This is where we learn to have a healthy relationships with ourselves.  We learn to experience love and joy.  Here is where we go within and find a higher guidance system, our purpose and destiny.


She calls this Judgement, rising sun.  This is where we find unconditional love from ourselves and others.  If we can do away with judgement of anybody or anything, we’re well on our way to joy.

What I’ve shared above is only the tip of the iceberg of the medicine wheel.  It was just enough to pique my interest in learning more.  It looks like this will be a new avenue of learning for me in 2012.

I am hopeful that tomorrow will bring me more gems to share on my road to transformation.  Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the holidays.

I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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