Do You Believe You’re A Victim Of Your Genes? Get A Glimpse Of the Unified Energy Field

Today’s post is dedicated to my husband.

Today he got into a conversation with me about illness and how he is predisposed to certain illnesses based on his genetic background.  I disagreed with him.  Well, as you can imagine, this didn’t exactly go over with warmth and loving-kindness.  He spit the sound “teh”, stared at me, then smiled and walked away.

You all probably already know I place a lot of weight on Bruce Lipton’s teachings.  As Lipton says, “genes don’t control our life; we are not a victim of our genes; it’s our environment that influences our genes.”   For me, bottom line, my physical, mental and spiritual fate is not determined by my genes.

Watch the short video below, this may help you understand more about what I’m referring to.  Lipton talks about a unified energy field (invisible field surrounding all animate or inanimate things).

Auric field surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe

I believe that understanding the invisible field that surrounds me, I can begin to heal myself on a physical, mental or spiritual level without blaming my genes.  If I need medicine for my physical healing, it is merely a complementary boost to my focus of healing myself on an Auric, or spiritual, level.

I have been on a journey to understand the invisible field surrounding me.  I’m currently reading the book, Light Emerging, The Journey of Personal Healing by Barbara Ann Brennan.  This book is teaching me about the Auric fields that surround each and every one of us.  I correlate the Auric field with the field Lipton is talking about in the video below.

Lipton says this field is seen in the movie, The Matrix.  Let’s all get the movie The Matrix and see what Lipton means.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

Oops, I forgot something . . . to my husband – “I love you honey!”

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