John of God – Who Is This Man?

(It appears that this post was inadvertently unpublished because of some technical difficulties on Monday, December 12th, the date it was intended.)

This past weekend was a spiritual weekend for me, not to mention a powerful full moon.  I am experiencing such a strong energy shift, I find myself exhausted and wanting to only sleep.

I’m nearly finished reading a great book by Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler called John of God.  I first heard of John of God on the Oprah show this past year.  John of God is a healer from Brazil.

He has worked on over eight million visitors who visit him with a strong intent to experience instantaneous healing of a physical, spiritual or mental nature.  Two people I follow, Wayne Dyer and Deborah King, spent time with John of God in Brazil and have miraculous stories to tell about their experience.

John of God channels many doctors, one being Dr. Oswaldo Cruz of Petropolis, Brazil who died in 1917.  I just wish I would have known about this when I traveled to Petropolis in the 1990’s.  I would have been all over this information trying to find out as much as I could about John of God.

It wasn’t meant to be.  I visited Petropolis, Brazil on business and it’s now only a distant memory of beautiful, lush tropical land, high in the mountains in a room with no windows, only shutters.  I was in corporate America at the time and I would have been branded a “nut case” if I showed any interest in spirit healing.

As they say, things happen for a reason.  Here I am 12+ years later, wanting to know all I can about John of God and his healing.  It’s beyond comprehension that a man, dedicated solely to being a servant to God, can perform such miracles.  But then again, I have a strong faith and I believe in miracles.  Do you?

I’m off to my yoga class where I’m learning to come into union with my body, mind and spirit.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous, healthful and abundant life!

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