Purpose, Meaning, Forgiveness – Do Energy Vampires Suck The Joy Out Of Your Life?

Do you spend your life always being the one to have to forgive others?  Is there something wrong with this picture?

It seems like I’m always having to be the one to seek forgiveness for others actions towards me.  It’s just so exhausting!

I guess I just attract these unhappy, controlling personalities.  I’ll just call them energy vampires.  They must be my life’s lesson and I’m about done with this particular lesson.

These vampires physically drain me.  It makes me feel like I’m always running a race and losing every time.  They typically only show their true self when they get me alone so they can work hard to program me the way they want me to be.

It’s so funny because these vampires try to deny that they are trying to control me and they like to make me believe I’m the bad guy and all the choices I make are wrong.  Their way is the only way and why would I ever challenge them?

It’s kind of  like they possess this natural authority that what they say, do or approve is the only right way.  They take the zest out of life and make it so painful to laugh, dance and be merry.

It’s exhausting always trying to please these people because decisions and things have to always go their way.  Their negative energy emits this dark, dark field of muck that can be felt and seen for miles.  I wish these vampires would find people of their own caliber to make miserable.

I’m trying hard today to put on this armor and say to myself, “it’s okay, I’m okay, this person has issues with control, forgive them and walk away.”  Do you realize how hard that is to do time and time again when you know you have tried very hard to be a thoughtful, loving person?  Do you feel my pain?

Thanks for letting me vent today.  What started out to be a very enjoyable, wonderful day turned into a very pathetically sad day.

My ability to always keep up a positive, loving, forgiving, yes-man and joyful attitude has snapped my last nerve.  I’m sending these feelings I’m experiencing out into the universe and ask for a kinder, gentler and more loving experience with these vampires.

Tomorrow will be better, and I lovingly send you blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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