“I Am” The Movie, Live With Intention – Do You Dream Or Wish For Things To Happen?

“The energy you generate creates your life.”  Oprah

My blog today is not so much about endorsing Oprah, she doesn’t need my endorsement.  It’s about Tom Shadyac, writer and director of the movie, I Am, a documentary about what’s wrong with our world and what we can do about it.

I recently saw him on an Oprah Lifeclass broadcast and I was hooked on his inspiring background and message.

Shadyac’s cause is love and his documentary, I Am, contains interviews with remarkable men and women from the worlds of science, philosophy, academia and faith.

His favorite mantras from this show were:

Heal karma with love, it burns it up.

Love is about truth.

Speak your truth and you speak love.

It’s not always about doing everything for everyone.

If you feel resentful, speak the truth and say no.  You are not a savior.

Shadyac gave up a lavish lifestyle and moved into a trailer after becoming a famous writer and director of such famous films as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor and more.

The greatest message he shared was, “We are responsible for our actions and our intention determines what the effect will be.”  For me, my intention (no matter how brutal the situation) is to always foster compassion and love.

He asked the audience to do some soulful searching.  The scenario played out like this:

Do I have loving people in my life?  If so, then I’m fostering love.

Do I have angry people in my life?  If yes, then I’m fostering anger.

It’s that simple, also says Gary Zukav, author of many books, and one I’m reading called, Seat of the Soul.

I’ve worked very hard at getting the negative energy out of my life.  I’m also tapped into my dreams at their deepest, soulful level.  It’s a very satisfying place for me to be in order for me to heal.

Think about another wonderful quote from Oprah:

Everything we think and say comes back to us with the same energy.

I’m thinking beautiful, intentional thoughts of love, peace, joy and happiness.  I’m looking at everyone, and myself, with love and peace in my heart to see our deepest essence of humanness – our extraordinary self.

Until tomorrow, I send you my intentions for a prosperous, loving and abundant life!

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