Blogtalk Friday – Knock, Knock Angels Calling, A Life-Sustaining Channel Of Light

Today’s broadcast is again with Christina Lunden my favorite connection to ascension.  She lifts my spirit and takes me to a place that soothes my soul.

I dedicate this broadcast to my oldest son whose birthday is today.  I believe he would say that he has experienced a positive shift in his mother’s disposition, and that alone, is enough of a gift for him.

I respect Christina because she always opens and ends her broadcasts with prayers to live by.

Here is her opening chakra prayer.  She asks that we open our arms out to our sides and breathe in and out three times and say:

All my chakras are opened and blessed being full of light.  I am a pure and clear channel and complete spiritual human-being exemplifying Christ.   <Breathe in and out.>

Next she does a unifying chakra prayer as we hold our arms straight up in the air – say:

All my chakras are unified within the collective pillar of light.  Today I am all I can be, living and expressing the light.  <Breathe in and out.>

This next prayer is for standing between the anointed light of the archangels.  She asks that we visualize the light from above coming down from heaven while it’s moving continuously down through us and back up into heaven – say:

I stand within the anointing light of Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael as a collective pillar of light.  <Breathe in and out.>

During the broadcast, the angels ask her to say a healing prayer for a shifting of energy for audience members.  Here’s the beautiful prayer Christina prayed with us:

I thank you, Lord, that according to each souls’ desire, you take any lower energy, any heaviness from everyone listening, watching and reading my work and help their soul to transform their energy into light while releasing it from their emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  Everyone who requests it will feel an immediate difference in their energy just because of our connection today.  Amen

This year has been a culmination of my own ascension.  Ascension is merely revving up my consciousness.  I’m getting in touch with my ego and clearing any emotional tyranny from my life.   I’m transmuting my ego and emotions into compassion.  I am happy to report it is working!

I have one last thing to share from Christina.  She reminds us to honor who we are and to follow her ascension advice below:

  1. Live my life according to who I want to be.
  2. Be the same behind closed doors as I am in public.
  3. Let everyone in my life live their life the way they want to – do not interfere and do not judge them.
  4. Speak the truth always – no exceptions – no white lies!
  5. Listen more than I speak.  I do not need to fix or help anyone because they are being guided by their own soul, and they choose how to have their own experience here on earth.
  6. Speak good into my life with powerful words.  If I DON’T want something, DON’T speak it, DON”T complain and DON’T worry.
  7. Trust myself and my soul that I am making good decisions about my life, even without other people agreeing with me.

I urge you to tap into Christina’s work.  She is a special, inspiring soul who freely offers many prayers at her website.  Her passionate desire to help us move through our own ascension is honorable.

CLICK HERE to listen to Christina’s broadcast or click the blogtalk logo above.  Until next week, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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