Let Go Of Ego – Dyer Says, “Live The Great Mystery”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, called the father of motivation by his fans, is also an internationally renowned author and speaker in the self-development arena.  Some of you may have seen him on the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) sharing his philosophy on self-development.

I was blessed enough to hear him speak at the recent I CAN DO IT! conference in Tampa, Florida.  One of his popular books is called Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life and another one I know about is called The Shift.

I haven’t followed Dyer as much as I’ve followed some of his colleagues.  However, things are a-Changin!  I was so moved by his speech at the conference that I wanted to take some time in my blog to give him a voice to my viewers.

Dyer visited John of God of Brazil (he became popular after a story on the Oprah show) to treat his leukemia.  You have to listen to this video to see how Dyer was healed.

Thanks to Lilou Mace’ for this extraordinary video that incorporates a lot of Dyer’s speech from the conference.

I’ll see you tomorrow.  As always, I send you blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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