Which Wolf Are You Feeding – The Good Or The Bad Wolf? Do You Have A Gut Feeling That Something Is Wrong?

I recently received Bruce Lipton’s new youtube November newsletter about Occupy Wall Street and the chaos going on around our beautiful world.  The big bad wolf is destroying our nation.

I wanted to share this video with you because Lipton has had such a profound impact on my life and my self-transformation journey.

Not only has Lipton transformed the way I view my own body and emotional state, but his book, Spontaneous Evolution, (along with his co-author, Steve Bhaerman) expose the history and build-up to the chaos we are now facing.  They offer a great number of examples and solutions to why we are where we are, and possibilities for a different set of dynamics.

One of my favorite chapters in Spontaneous Evolution is Chapter 14 called “A Healthy Commonwealth”.

Here is a small sample of what’s in this chapter:

So what is wealth, really?  The term wealth is derived from the old English word weal, which means “well-being.”  In its original context, wealth literally represents comfort, health, happiness, or satisfaction.  The Founding Fathers were clearly aware of the meaning of wealth when they penned in the Declaration of Independence that individuals “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

How is it that we’ve turned this simple intention of wealth into a greedy, profit monster that is benefiting only a few, and harmful for a majority of our population?

At the end of the video, Lipton shares a Cherokee elder’s story that touched my heart.  It’s about feeding the good wolf or choosing to feed the bad one.

Until tomorrow, think about which wolf you will feed – love and peace or anger and war.

As always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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2 Responses to Which Wolf Are You Feeding – The Good Or The Bad Wolf? Do You Have A Gut Feeling That Something Is Wrong?

  1. Jo Tampas says:

    Love your posts – Bruce Lipton, especially. His post on Energy and Money is another one that is especially good. In an ideal world (the one I spend my time imagining into existence) children are taught this as a matter of course, as normal science, not woo woo, new agey positive thinking!

    Peace and joy, Chris! Thank you for sharing!

    • mmt2mmt says:

      Check out my Lipton Energy & Money post called “My Thought Account In Jewels of Joules posted September 27, 2011. Glad you like my post. I adore Lipton’s messages and write about him a lot! He was happy to hear that I’ve attended PSYCH-K classes. Blessings to you and yours . . . Namaste!

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