Why Is A Dream Journal Important? What Is Going On In Our Sleep?

Today’s broadcast is an interview with Cynthia Richmond, board certified behavioral therapist, author, educator, and expert on dream interpretation.  She believes that dreams can coach us to our highest and best good.

Dreaming is sometimes like being in spirit and remembering what it is like being in spirit.  We are more receptive in our dream state that also allows a smoother downloading of information that isn’t done easily in the waking state.

Cynthia shares some great information about our dreams in this broadcast.  Here are some key topics she shares about dreams:

Vehicles can represent our physical body or a soul journey.

A warehouse dream is the subconscious mind telling us that we have unlimited possibilities which moves us towards expansion.   If we see something in this warehouse, this is another message of what we might need to do.

I dream a lot about my childhood home.  This could be a time marker for me.  It could mean that something I learned about then, or something began at that time that I’m given an opportunity to heal.  A kitchen can represent nutrition; bathroom is where we release things; bedroom for sleep; stairway is the spine, and windows could be our eyes.

The sequence of our nighttime dreams are:

First Dreams – Processes current daytime activity; it’s about sorting through our day.
Middle Dreams – Stress management; flying, breathing underwater and beautiful dreams occur here.
Last Dream – Subconscious mind wants us to remember to take some action that was suggested in the dream.

Dream incubation is about asking a question before we go to sleep.  It’s recommended that we write down a question we have.  This allows us to summon our subconscious mind to give us the answer.  An example of a question might be:  What would be the outcome if I decided to leave my spouse, quit my job or date this person?  Spirit guides, ancestors and angels may show up because we connect with them through the dream state.  Our soul is free in the dream state.  It’s a way for us to get solutions.

How do our emotions play out in a dream?  Remember and write down if the emotion is joyful, fearful or anxiety-ridden.  Some people can smell things or sense things.  Sometimes people eat foods in their dreams that they crave during the day.  These dreams are compensatory and give us things we don’t do in our waking state.

Departed loved ones do communicate in the dream state.  This could mean that there are messages there for us.  The departed are trying to share something with us.  If a departed loved one is showing up, ask them to share what they are trying to tell us – what is the message?  What do I need to know about this?

I had a dream I was in a home with my departed father, but he didn’t see me.  Instead, I saw a big mirror which I interpreted his message as “I love you, take a good look at yourself or find yourself; look within.”

Yes, some people have repetitive dreams.  The dream messenger is trying to communicate the message that you haven’t fully understood; they will keep sending the same dream.  If we are going through something in our life that is happening a second time, our subconscious mind is trying to tell us that we don’t need to re-learn this message again.

Do you have trouble remembering dreams or do you say you don’t dream?  Here’s what Cynthia says to do:

Before you go to sleep, have a journal and tell yourself:  I will remember my dream.  My dreams are important to me.  When I wake up, I will remember my dream.  When my alarm clock goes off, my dream will easily come to mind.  Try this for two weeks and see if it works for you.

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Until next week, and as always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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