Look In The Mirror Today And Say, “I Love You!” How Did You Start And End Your Day?

“How you start your day makes all the difference in the world.”
Cheryl Richardson

Another joyous day in my own skin . . . ahhhhh!

Just like Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson said at the I CAN DO IT! conference in Tampa, Florida, go to the mirror today and tell yourself, “I love you, you make me happy.”  It felt really, really good and it filled me with light and joy.

I now realize that it is the best gift I can give to myself – loving myself; acknowledging that I’m not perfect; knowing that I have some work to do tempering my ego.

I’m moving higher and higher towards the light of God to reach my divine calling.  Isn’t that what life is about?  Aren’t we all looking for our divine calling?

I’ve looked too hard and it’s been right in front of me all along.  I’m here to love and honor myself, see God in everyone I meet (no matter what), and thank God for the life I have been given.

I realize now that everything I have, and all things that have or haven’t yet happened to me, are for my highest good.

Thanks also go out to Caroline Myss teaching me the simplicity of prayer and how I should end my day.  I said this prayer last night before I went to bed:

“God, as the sun sets, help me be in your stillness and you in mine.  I’m frightened because I’m indecisive and I don’t know what path to take.  I keep using others as the excuse that I can’t move forward.  Send me a sign that my choices are okay and that I won’t stumble on my relationships with others.  I don’t have the courage to be honest about what I need to heal and expand my soul.  Give me the courage and grace to endure my journey to the end.  What do you want of me?”

I then drifted off to a deep, deep sleep being thankful for my life.

As I end this blog today, I say, “love yourself with all your heart and soul.”  And, as always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

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