Angel Babies Author Inspired Me To Find My Soul’s Purpose – Here’s To Love And Admiration!

I was so fortunate yesterday to spend several hours with Patricia McGivern, lecturer, hypnotist and author of Angel Babies.  She was a guest speaker at the Metaphysical Society meeting in Sun City Center, Florida.  After the meeting, I was fortunate enough to join her in a private workshop at The Chakra Center in Sun City Center.

McGivern shared stories from her book, Angel Babies, as well as the personal journey that led her to her practice in past life regression.  She was a fascinating speaker with tremendous stories that backed up her theories.

I’ve experienced a past life regression before, and McGivern validated for me that I was on the right track trying to heal whatever ailed my soul.  She explained to me that my soul chose my parents and my surroundings because there was something I had yet to learn from my past lives.

She convinced me of a need to find out what lessons I am here to resolve in my life today.  She explained that if I didn’t resolve my issues in this lifetime, I would be back in another lifetime still trying to resolve whatever lesson I was to learn.

After much thought, I realized that I didn’t want to return to this earth to continue learning whatever lesson that I was supposed to learn.  I wanted to know what the lesson was now, transform and live out my life in love, peace and harmony.

Surprisingly, this experience with Patricia was a lot like my first past life regression about five years ago.  It was all about the issue of abandonment.

In my first past life regression session, I discovered that I was a small Indian child (female), happy-go-lucky living on an Indian reservation.

I took off from the tribe one day running through the brush skipping and singing, enjoying the beauty of the trees and mountains surrounding me.  All the while, my tribe had packed up to leave our site and move elsewhere.  They left without me; hence, my first discovery of my abandonment issues.

As I journeyed through my past life regression, then and now, I experienced a very lonely life, by myself, and I died with no one at my side.  Hardly a traumatic experience, but one lonely life that screams of a need to be loved and seen.

It made so much sense to me now when I reflect on the subject of my Jul 27, 2011 blog called See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me – How To Communicate With Your Body.  I now see it should have been about communicating with my body to heal my soul.

Even more exciting to me was when Patricia ended our soulful travels by asking us to see what gifts our guide had to bring to us.

My guide was swathed in white.  She handed me a scepter and a crown (all beaming brightly) as she swept her hand forward to show me a throng of people smiling, clapping and with a look of admiration on their faces.  At that moment I just wanted to hug myself and scream to the universe, “thank you, thank you, thank you” . . . and I did, silently!

I’m certain I’ll have many more experiences with my soul retrieval as I continue to explore the many phases of who I was, who I am and what lessons I have yet to conquer.

Until tomorrow, 11/11/11 the beginning of the ascension, I remain your soulful messenger.

As always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life.

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