Clearing My Emotional Turmoil – Organs And Their Associated Emotions

Since I’ve been on a self-transformation journey, my emotions, and their effect on my body, have taken center-stage over anything else I’ve focused on.  I’ve learned some very interesting things these past few years that are helping clear my emotional turmoil.

Any unresolved emotions affect my body.  If I’m carrying a lot of grief, sadness, fear or even joy, it affects particular organs in my body.  Over time, my organs become very stressed and disharmony shows up as an imbalance or illness.

I’ve learned a lot about the following emotions and how they affect my organs.  See if you can relate to any of these issues.

If I experience too much joy, my heart is affected by my chi (qi) flowing too fast.  The best example of too much joy is one of manic depression.  Have you ever met anyone who one day is up – really up, and the next day they’re down.   My mother suffered from manic depression and it was very difficult to cope with.

Check out the following article from HeartMath to see how emotions affect the heart.

Excessive thinking, like being anxious all the time and thinking about something over and over again, causes chi (qi) to become stagnate.  This in turn causes my body to go into a somewhat morbid state and produces conditions like a poor appetite or constipation.  Over time, this can cause disease.  Other disorders that can occur from high anxiety are eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, inability to concentrate, sensuality issues and disconnectedness.


If I spend too much time excessively grieving over something (e.g., loss of a loved one, love relationship gone bad, loss of a job), this too affects the chi (qi) of my lungs and can throw me into a state of depression.  This in turn, affects my throat which makes me unable to express myself in a normal fashion.  I express myself by crying all the time.

Every night before I go to sleep, I gently rub the areas on my body to massage these organs and get my chi (qi) flowing.  It works for me!

I’m learning about my emotions and how I can control them so they don’t begin to break down my body.  I’m into a new phase of my life where I want to have the freedom to manage myself in a healthy way.

I hope my sign-off blessing from my blog increases your healthy joy and minimizes your anxiety and sorrow.

As always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life.

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