Getting To The Heart Of The Matter – Nature’s Balance, A Virtual Clinic In Defying My DNA

With the help of technology and the benefits of distance diagnoses, I’m learning how to turn on healthy genes and turn off genes that defy my DNA.  I’m doing that through mind, body and spirit practices.

Thanks to bio-communication, I meet with my acupuncturist via the internet in a virtual clinic to get readings on my health.

If you’ll recall, on July 26, 2011, I shared a story about how I was working on lowering my stress levels stored in my organs.  Back then, my stress levels were affecting  my kidney, bladder and hypothalamus.  These organs store emotions of fear of love, being ungrounded and fear of repeating my past.

Three months into my health regime to lower these stress levels, I was successful.  I didn’t eliminate the stress levels, but I lowered them.  I was retested and the conclusion was that I had achieved my goal of lowering the stress levels in all three areas – kidney, bladder and hypothalamus.

My acupuncturist, Janine Jozwiak owner of Nature’s Balance in Crystal Lake, Illinois, performed a follow-up virtual scan.  This scan was more detailed in nature than the first.  It, again, checked even more internal parts of my body to see which areas were holding a high stress level.

The most important areas highly stressed that showed up in this second scan was my heart, ovaries and adrenal glands.  With Janine’s recommendation, I’ve included another practical nutritional program to lower the stress on my heart, ovaries and adrenal glands first, and I am hopeful that the other less stressed areas will be addressed at the same time.

I’ve learned that when I find a stressed organ, it can often mean, that besides my lifestyle, my emotions (good and bad . . .  mostly bad) have taken up residence in my body and have lowered my immune system.  Poof – just like that – my emotional life will eventually take a toll on my physical body if I don’t become consciously aware of  it now.

I’m lowering my emotional response to life’s challenges by learning about how certain emotions are stored in particular organs.  I’m also learning that my persistence in following this health regime, thanks to Janine, has met all of my expectations and more.

In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll get to the heart of the matter about my emotions and what I’m learning about their effect on my heart, adrenals and ovaries.

Until then, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life.

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