Feeling Funky? How I Move Myself Out Of The Doldrums

This week has been my week of dreams.  I’ve been dreaming a lot about my mom and my two boys.  Don’t know why, but it could be that I’m missing them dearly.

I always dream about my big sister, my best friend.  The dreams I have about her are whimsical with tons of activity going on with people everywhere.

My dreams seem to be getting more vivid every day.  I keep a dream journal and I have found that many of the messages that I get in my dreams have, and are, coming true.  My dream journal is something I’ve come to depend on since I’ve been working so hard on my own self-transformation.

This morning I awoke with a very vivid, lucid dream about my oldest son.  I’ll be tracking this dream to see what unfolds.  I miss him very much and I still feel a very strong internal bond with him.

The way I handle the emotions that are stirred from these dreams is to take out my trusty book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman.  I look up the emotion and place the adjective in the script provided by Truman.  See my blog from October 3, 2011 to review a copy of the script.

Since my recent dreams are about family members, I’m choosing the word homesick as the emotion being stirred from these dreams.

I’m not thinking of homesick in the way I get when I’m traveling and I just can’t wait to get to my own home.  I’m using homesick as missing the connection and comfort of family love.

To use the script, I fill in the blanks with the words Truman provides as the opposite emotion of homesick.  In this case, they are happy, content joyful, cheerful or renewed.

There, now I feel fine and I think I’ll go shopping today with a friend.  I can’t tell you how many times this practice gets me out of common funky feelings.  It’s miraculous, I’m here to tell you, miraculous!

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

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