What Do Your Thoughts Cost? Five Things I Do To Up The Ante On Energizing Thoughts

I have to work hard to not overdraw on my negative thought account.  I’m always adding to the balance of this account each and every day in a very conscious way.

How do I enhance my thoughts to energize me?  I have a daily strategy to stop draining my thought account by starting my day in a positive way:

  1. I start my day with a 20-30 minute meditation.
  2. I intentionally fluff my aura by rubbing my palms together quickly as I sweep this energy around my body and ask God to keep negative energy from entering my space, and to keep me on the path for my highest good.
  3. I visualize my day being nothing but smiles, hugs, loving handshakes and calming interactions.
  4. I visually surround myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit.
  5. I honor and thank myself for being the wonderful person that I am.

I never practiced a daily strategy before my meltdown in 2008-2009.  This could be the reason there was a meltdown.

I never took the time to protect myself from all the slings and arrows that seemed to be pointed directly at me nearly every day.  I chalked it all up to “life”.  I’m here to say that life doesn’t have to be that way.  I made myself a victim and I’ve banned the word from my lips.

Life, and many of the people in it, are beautiful.  In learning to manage my emotions and perceptions, I’ve minimized the internal negative self-talk.  It feels really good to be on this path and I know others feel it too.  I’m not the same and I’m so looking forward to what life has in store for me.

For now, I’m relishing the new me and the new encounters that are coming at me fast and furious.  More importantly, I’m enjoying the new thought waves I’m generating everyday.  I have so much to share and I hope to see you right back here tomorrow for more sharing my life’s transformation.

Until tomorrow, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

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