A Healing, Visual Meditation For Peace – My Gift To You Today

Today I experienced a fabulous visual meditation.  In a quiet place, I readied myself for a unique meditation experience starting with an introductory breathing exercise.

I started by taking a few deep, slow, cleansing breathes, and a few moments of focusing on my breathing to get into the gap of nothing but stillness.

When I felt calm and at peace, I ended the meditation by playing the video below.  Stay with the video long after the song is finished as it ends in a wonderful journey through space.

At the end of the video,  I focused on our universe as I prepared myself for today’s opportunities to bring peace from my space in the world.

Like me, I hope you experience the beautiful, peaceful, healing power of you.

As always, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

(This article is in no way a substitute for advice from a medical professional.  This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)


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