A Need To “Knead” To Get Calm, Clear & Balanced – Try Some Yintang And Bai Hui

Emotional stress can cause my body to shut down and become weighted as I begin to feel stuck in a rut of negativity.  This inevitably leads to a physical ailment and emotional turbulence which I really don’t like very much.

I’ve also learned that emotions are very contagious.  I can pick them up from my friends, spouse, children, neighbor – you name it, if someone has high, energetic emotions, I’m sure to get caught up in the swirl of the emotion.

During these trying times, I feel a need to knead my emotional acupressure points.

I’ve identified several acupressure activities that I’ve committed to work through on a regular basis to clear my chi and get unstuck.

I use an acupuncturist from Illinois to read (bio-communicate) with my body’s energetic field via software to see the stress level values on my organs, vertebrae, teeth, and my body meridians.  (See my blog of July 26).

Janine Jozwiak, my acupuncturist, runs an acupuncture practice called Nature’s Balance Acupuncture.  Recently Janine gave me the following acupressure tips.

Four Gates

This is a popular treatment for stress, anger, sadness, and frustration.  These acupuncture points are thought to enhance the circulation of chi and blood throughout the body and have a calming and analgesic effect.

LI 4 is located on the padded area of my hand between the thumb and index finger, between the first and second metacarpal bones.  I massage this point with my thumb on both hands for approximately 30 seconds.

LV 3 is located in a hollow on the top of my foot below the gap between my big toe and the next toe, between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones. To stimulate this point, I place my  right heel in the juncture between the bones that attach to the large and second toes and gently knead the point for approximately thirty seconds. I then switch sides to stimulate the point on your other foot.

Another tip Janine provided to me to induce calmness is through Yintang.  Yin means seal or mark; tang means central dwelling, usually translated as “Hall of Seal” or “Central Mark.”  This area is also referred to as the 3rd eye chakra.

Yintang is a point located midway between my eyebrows.  Stimulation of Yintang is known to calm my mind, enhance my ability to focus, soothe my emotions, promote sleep, and relieve depression.

Another point is Bai Hui which means unity. The ‘unity’ refers to the unification of heaven and earth.  At the crown of the head, it meets with other meridians and allows chi to penetrate deeply through the bones of the skull to nourish the brain.

I massage the acupuncture point, Baihui for mental clarity.  It is located on the top of my head midway between my ears,  Baihui is used to clear the mind, calm the spirit, and improve my focus.  I stimulate the point with my index finger for 30-45 seconds for a quick “brain boost”.

Get grounded and find a need to “knead”.  I’ll see you right back here tomorrow with more tips on my journey to self-transformation.

Until then, I send you my blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant day.

(This article is in no way a substitute for advice from a medical professional.  This author shall not be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, or other damages. This author makes no claims for any medical benefits of this program. The advice of a competent medical professional should always be sought in the case of health matters.  Copyright in this document belongs to this author.)

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